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Why Conversion Optimization is more important than Blog Traffic?

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Most of us focus on getting more and more traffic to our blogs, but the reality is that more traffic does not always mean more money. In order to make more money from the traffic, you should be focusing on conversion optimization. You should know how to convert the traffic you get to your blog.

In this post, I will show you a comparison between two blogs I have and how important conversion optimization is to make more money with the same traffic or even lesser traffic.

My First Blog Traffic & Revenue

I started blogging in 2011 and my first blog was hosted on Blogspot. When I started this blog I just knew one thing that I need to get traffic to my blog and get Google Adsense approved so that I can earn money by displaying ads on my blog.

So I started my first blog www.readitt.in. It was not a niche blog and the only thing on my mind was traffic, traffic, and more traffic. Within a year I could get to a position where my blog used to get around 1000 page views/day. Later it went to approx 2000 page views/day meanwhile I got my AdSense approved.

(Check the screenshot: This blog still gets traffic of 170 page views/day. It literally does not earn more than a 1$ per month.)

After getting my Adsense approved, I thought now I will at least have 10000₹ passive income through Google Adsense. But, in reality, I could make only 100$ / 7000₹ in 5 months, which means 1400₹ per month. Do you think is it worth to spend 20 hrs/ week or 80 hrs/ month to earn 1400₹? It is equal to 1400 / 80 = 18 rs per hour.

Check this screenshot of my google Adsense account

After this I realized having relevant traffic is important and also knowing what to do with the traffic is super important. If you are someone who is new to blogging and want to make money through blogging you should answer these two questions?

  1. What will you sell to the people who come to your blog?
  2. How will you make friends with people who visit your blog?

With all the lessons learned from my first blog, I have created a new blog that is on a specific topic, i.e diabetes.

My Diabetes Blog With Less Traffic And More Money

So now let me tell you about my diabetes blog (www.healthydietfordiabetics.com) which helped me to get good revenue in spite of having less traffic. As I have told you about my first blog which did not have a niche, So at this point in time I was thinking of starting a blog on a specific topic but not sure on which topic should I start a blog.

Suddenly on one day during an annual medical checkup, I was declared pre-diabetic by our company Doctor so I got frustrated initially and later on thought let me fight this diabetes thing and share my journey through a blog.

Within 6 months I reversed my diabetes and I used to share what I have learned to help others reverse diabetes. Initially, I was not focusing too much on SEO but occasionally I started optimizing blog posts for SEO.

Slowly my diabetes blog was getting good traffic and I thought I will monetize this blog through Amazon Affiliates, I have applied for an Amazon Affiliate account and it got approved. But again this was not giving me great income.

At this point of time, my diabetes blog was getting around 800-1000 users a day but it is not giving me great revenue, so I have understood that I am doing something wrong because on a niche blog 1000 users per day is good traffic but why is it not giving me good revenue?

You can refer to the screenshot below for my diabetes blog which shows an average 800-1000 visitors per day during the period April 2017 to April 2018.

I did a lot of research and I realized that I am not optimizing my website for conversion optimization and I also did not have a product that can make me passive income, I have created an ebook and an online course and did not depend on affiliate revenue.

Things I Did To improve my Blog Conversions

I started capturing the email addresses of visitors who visit my blog.

Make sure what I have to sell is on the home page and in areas where visitors can easily see.

I started nurturing the people who get into my email database so that I can sell them my products when they are ready to buy.

Created a WhatsApp group to interact with people who come to my website.

As a result, I am able to sell more of my information products like eBooks, courses, and consultations.

conversion optimzation of a blog

Refer to the screenshot above, This screenshot is taken from Instamojo account which is used to receive payments from Indian users. I use PayPal to receive payments from NRI’s.

During this period I was making something in between 10-15k per month almost passively (writing 1 blog per month and spending 6 hrs/ month nurturing them through email marketing and WhatsApp groups etc)

So in total, my monthly revenue through this blog used to be around 20k / month. Not a very big amount but It is good considering the amount of time and effort and what I get back. I used to spend around 10 hrs/month and get around 20k that means 2000₹ / hr.

Sometimes monthly income used to go to as much as 40,000 / month based on the number of consultations I could take.

So now let’s compare between the two blogs

Blog Traffic Revenue
Readitt 1000- 1200 visitors / day 18₹ /hr
Healthydietfordiabetics 800-1000 visitors / day 2000₹ / hr


I believe it is very important to focus on conversions at every stage like

Visitor – Subscriber.

Subscriber – Believer.

Believer – Buyer.

Buyer to Repeat Buyer.

Repeat Buyer – Brand Advocate.

You should have mechanisms in place to do this to maximize the money you make from your blogs. But this topic is long enough to cover this as an individual post. I hope this gave you a clear idea of how optimizing your blog traffic you receive to your blog will make you more money.

Leave in the comments below, What strategy you use for the conversion optimization?

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Gowardhan Doddi is a Mechanical Engineer turned Digital Marketer. He has learned digital marketing by blogging since 2011. He has generated 6 lakhs in revenue in 3 years from his diabetes blog applying Inbound Marketing Methodology and Email Marketing.

He has also changed his career as a fulltime Digital Marketing Manager in 2019 after working passively for 8 years. He shares all the mistakes he did in blogging in his blog www.bloggingmistakes.com

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