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For Beginners

Get access to the weekly blog activity planner and give your blog a direction.

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“A blogger is a one-man army who builds content, promotes it, repurposes it, run email campaigns, set up ads and track analytics. If all these activities get inside a planner and get a day assigned for each activity, you will start seeing an established system.”

Who Can Use This Planner?

This blog activity planner is for those who have set up their blog and now looking to manage their blogs. All aspiring bloggers can use this planner to be more productive in their approach and results.

The Blog Activity Planner is for those:

  • Who are willing to build a system that works
  • Who wish to have a weekly plan
  • Who wants to focus on micro-goals rather than macro-goals
  • Who wants to focus on micro-goals rather than macro-goals
  • Who don’t know how to plan out their blog activities throughout the week
  • Who have no idea how a blog process works after publishing
  • Who wants to be more productive in blogging

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The complete planner focuses on weekly strategies from publishing and distributing your blog to repurposing it and finding time to build the next topic.

Hey There, I’m Sristhi!

And I know exactly how it feels when you start a blog.

I’m a blogger, YouTuber, a Podcaster @TheSristhiAgarwal Show and the daughter of superwoman. I run a blog site sristhiagarwal.com that is focused on blogging. I gather tools and strategies that can help bloggers grow.

When I started blogging, I realised that being a blogger is a one-man army. From learning to write masterpieces of content to managing your WordPress site, everything needs to be taken care of by you.

If you are left exhausted after managing all these things, I believe you!

But, we are not here to lose but win. Isn’t it?

So pull up your socks because I am going to help you manage all your tasks effectively by telling you how to manage micro-goals of blogging using a blog planner.

This blog activity planner is planned where each day of the week is assigned with three tasks. So instead of lifting all the tasks at once or feeling all confused, all you have to do is take three steps in a day and do it for a month or quarter to see results.

The planner will help those who wish to startup or have just started. The beginners may feel that running a blog is overwhelming because they have to take care of so many things like optimizing content & images, following best SEO practices, making designs, etc. but I can assure you that things will fall in place once you have a plan with you.

How This Blog Activity Planner Will Give You A Direction?

A good blog activity planner will keep you focused on. When you do not work in a company or under a boss, you have no one to assign you tasks for the day. You answer only to yourself. So, with a laptop lifestyle comes a bundle of distractions.

This planner will keep your blogging on track and you will get

  • A list of overall weekly micro-goals.
  • Everyday task list for all 7 days of a week.
  • Additional pro tips on how to plan out your blog.
  • Free resources (guide and eBook) to grow your blog using different tools and strategies.

Regular Price is Rs.399/-

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Benefit From Using A Blog Planner?

With this blog planner, you will have the tasks planned out for the day. The planner has three tasks per day, which you need to execute. All 7 days are well planned. Just follow the planner every day to see how quickly you will start seeing a process built. You will get in a routine and stay away from any distractions.

Who Should Not Buy This Book?

  • If you don’t want to take action or improve in blogging
  • If are already established and has a system built.
  • If you think you will see results in a week and do not have the patience to build a process.
  • If you think blogging is too easy to invest in learning.

Will I get lifetime access to the content?

Yes, you will get access to the content immediately. It will be lifetime access.

Can I be more organized after using this blog planner?

Yes, you will surely be more organized. I have made a planner in such a way that even a part-time blogger can also follow the tasks assigned for each day. In case you are a full-time blogger you can contribute more time in executing your tasks.

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