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Who Else Wants To Know About Blogging Trends For 2020?

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Blogging Trends for 2020 will see a great change compared to what it was in the last five years. Blogging is getting tougher by every year due to rising competition and to achieve success, you cannot treat it as side hustle anymore!

If this is the iconic year when you are planning to start your blog then without fail, know the trends beforehand because smart work starts by being well informed in the first place.

Blogging is not dead for sure. It is just for you to understand that the key lies in the tiniest details and improvisation at different levels.

So, let’s get started!

Major Blogging Trends in 2020 That Will Help In Building Meaningful Audience

1. Focus On Quality

Let’s start the discussion on blogging trends for 2020 by talking about “QUALITY” as it will never be out of trend ever.

Good quality content is defined by its natural flow. If your article is smooth, easy to read and not confusing then any reader who discovers your article with interest would love to read.

Now comes the next big question!

How do you know if it is a well-written article and of high quality?

Let your readers be the judge. If you are getting close to “repeat value” (where the reader is returning or coming back for more) then you can be assured that you are producing content that your audience is finding relatable.

The key here is to publish the articles and see which article is performing better. Try diversifying your approach while writing and the traffic coming on to your blog will be the actual judge. (In my previous blog, I have talked about the habits of highly effective bloggers where they love risking & experimenting with their style & thought process. Do check it out!)

Also, one crucial aspect surrounding quality is addressing the topic straightaway and not cooking up and placing random content to achieve the greater word length.

2. Introduce Story Telling Format In Blogging

storytelling for blogging

Storytelling is popular for many generations. We all remember our bedtime stories. Isn’t it? Our parents used to read to us so that we can sleep well and see good dreams.

Even our grandparents love narrating mythological stories from the past about Ramayana & Mahabharata. Any fans of Devdutt Pattanayak here? (Go read his books if you love Indian Mythology or watch his shows on YouTube)

The idea here is that we understand stories better. We remember learning better and even the communication or exchange of thoughts gets intense when a story is falling in place.

This is the same experience you need to create for your readers. In my last blog, habits of successful bloggers, I inserted a short story on habits and got a great response. (Please comment below, if you liked the way I have written the introduction. Your comments are of great value to me.)

I think a blog loaded with information is tiresome and bloggers need to find a way to engage better with their audience.

Storytelling is going to be one of the most popular blogging trends for 2020, be assured and implement today!

3. Optimize Your Blog For Mobile Readers

There are more readers on mobile than a laptop or desktop. This states clearly that if you are going to start your blog in 2020 then choose your WordPress theme for blogging wisely.

Some of the WordPress themes like Generate Press and Divi are great for launching blogging sites. They are SEO & mobile optimized. So, all you have to do is upload your blogs and other supporting content.

You can actually end up saving money, as you don’t have to pay a developer to design your site since page builders like Elementor can do a great job for blog design.

4. Stop Obsessing Over Keywords

You must understand how keywords work and not blindly follow the news or influencers talking and emphasizing on using them.

Keyword placement is more important than density. Place your keyword once in your main title, Meta description and at the starting of your blog. You must refrain from inserting too many keywords and increasing their density. It can never produce a good quality read.

You can go for 1-2 relevant keywords or synonym keywords surrounding your main focus key phrase.

For keyword density, (at max) use focus keyphrase 5-6 times/1000 words. The idea is to avoid keyword stuffing at all costs to increase reader experience.

5. Micro-Niche Will Rule The Roost

Micro-niche is much talked about for a reason. Have you heard of a popular quote “Jack of all trades but master of none?”

You don’t want to be that.

Be an expert in a micro-domain. I have created a video on the Top 10 Profitable Niche for Blogging in 2020. Watch the video and find the one that interests you. (If your idea is not listed in my video, then reach me out for suggestions. DM on my Instagram!)

6. Value Your Readers By Offering Free Resources & Courses

Create free resources today for your readers and see the improvement in your session duration. Bloggers emphasize enough on user engagement because the more time readers spend on your blog site, the higher are the chances of them coming back.

For instance, I’m an 18-year-old who wants to invest time in learning how to blog. A free checklist, planner, training video or a small e-book from a blogger may spark my interest to the next level. If the content is convincing, I will not only start following the blogger everywhere but will tell more people with similar interests.

Your readers want to feel valued so give them resources that are free but have value too. I know bloggers offer free resources in exchange for acquiring email ID’s that eventually builds the foundation for email marketing. Now that is important too. A list of subscribers!

But this time your intent must think beyond getting an email ID. This can get you more recommendations and free word of mouth. (Do try this and it will work better than any other engagement strategy.)

7. Learn How Search Engine Works?

search engine intent

If a blog is going to be your additional income source or your main income source then you must understand and by heart two rules:

  1. Write for your audience
  2. Follow rule no. 1

The whole process of blogging should start by choosing a niche carefully and how and what your readers search on Google? If you write on a topic that has high demand or search rate on Google then even with simple SEO your article can get ranked.

Now, don’t get scared because it might sound scary but there are platforms that can give you insights such as Quora or Google Trends. Keep a regular watch on both these platforms and discover what people are talking about or facing difficulty in.

8. Build A One-Stop Solution Blog Site

Have you noticed the popularity of supermarkets in the last decade? It has been more than ever. This is because once you enter them; you can get every single necessity for day-to-day life. Supermarkets are just getting bigger and better.

Have you ever wondered how supermarkets are getting massive footfall every single day? Well, because they can cater to almost all your basic needs in one place. In other words, they are offering a one-stop solution for all your basic needs. That’s crazy, right?

Applying it to blogging now, if a targeted reader is coming to your site then they should get all the information in one place.

For instance, if you are coming to my site, you can find everything you need to start a successful blog.

From which domain and hosting you should buy to what is the step-by-step process for blog setup. You can discover blogging tools, best WordPress themes & plugins, tips for blogging, free workshop, guides, checklist and e-book for blogging.

You can get access to my YouTube channel (for blogging videos), my Facebook page & Group (for regular blogging updates) and even to my podcast. This took me quite some time to set up but every min I had spent on developing these resources feel worth when people come up with their blogging challenges.

Hope you got my point.

9. Get creative by inserting Videos/Podcasts

People prefer watching videos to reading content. I won’t even for a second deny that fact. But that doesn’t mean you stop blogging.

I’m sure you are getting confused with my context here.

See, it’s very simple how it works. You need to get creative. (Depends on the time you have with you!)

Recently, I created a blog and inserted my YouTube video in it (have done the same in this blog too). I also wish to embed my Podcasts inside my blog in the future. So, I end up catering to every reader just with different content forms.

The ultimate aim is to drive meaningful traffic on your blog. Once people end up on your website they get an opportunity to explore the same content but in a different format. So there are higher chances of you getting more response than people who just write content.


If you are focused on starting and building your blog then these blogging trends for 2020 are the key to success. These trends may seem simple but will need your undivided attention.

Believe me, starting a blog is the easiest step as growing it with regular content and getting organic traffic on your website regularly is the hardest thing to achieve.

So put on your thinking cap, list your priorities and align your timelines to achieve execution.

On another note, I’m working on some other important topics for blogging but I think I need your help too. Leave in the comments below what challenges are you facing and I will address the same either in my blog or YouTube channel (Subscribe, if you still haven’t).

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Happy Blogging Folks!