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Top 5 Micro-Niche For blogging I recommend in 2020

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“What Niche Should I Choose For My Blog?

Have you reached out to several mentors and watched YouTube videos to get the answer?

Well, I know I did all of this too when I started. Choosing a niche is difficult, I agree. Do you know what’s even more difficult? Choosing between niche and micro-niche. There are several interesting niches/micro-niches to work on but the competition in this vast pool of Internet is throwing challenges and making it overwhelming for new bloggers to take a wise decision.

So, before you choose a niche or micro-niche, let’s understand what these terms mean?

P.S. read till the end of the blog to know the bonus niche I recommend to start a blog on. It is not only highly-profitable but also has a high scope in affiliate marketing.

What Is Niche Blogging?

A niche blog focuses on a single category, topic or segment. In other words, the whole blog site has a very narrow focus on a specific topic. It is usually broad and can easily cover many topics under it.

What Is Micro-Niche Blogging?

A micro niche is a break down of niche narrowing the focus further. A micro-niche blog will have content specific to a subject matter.

Let’s take a collective example: Talking about “niche” first. Cricket is a niche. A site on cricket niche can cover everything or anything concerning cricket. It can be cricket news, analysis of a cricket match, a comparison between cricketers, cricketer strategies, etc. So, we can say that it is a broad category to cover.

Now if we have to choose a micro niche for cricket, it can be narrowed down further. For instance, a blog site only on “cricket academics in India” or a blog site only on a “specific cricketer”, etc. The micro-niche has now limited audience and topics to cover.

The audience having an interest in watching Cricket may not be necessarily interested in knowing about cricket academics. So competition reduces and you can cater to a very specific audience. This increases your chances to rank in a specific segment.

How To Build A Micro-Niche for Blogging From Scratch?

If you think watching a video is more easy to understand, go ahead to my YouTube channel and see my tutorial on how to choose a micro niche for blogging.

In case you love reading, here you go!

Choosing the wrong niche can result in failure. So, you need to be absolutely sure about it because it will demand your focus, time, energy, ideas, etc. If you get dull in the process you are most likely to quit. Disappointment is not good for anyone.

So let me explain to you how to choose a micro-niche before showing you some of the best micro-niches to work on in 2020.

1.   Explore Your Interest

Running a blog can get exhausting as it needs both smart and hard work and you won’t see results immediately. So the best thing to keep yourself going by choosing what you love. 

If you lack motivation or inspiration to blog then your willingness and dedication will go out of the window leaving you exhausted behind.

Sit down and make a list of things you love such as that you keep looking for or read/watch or do. 

2.   Do Keyword Research

Now you have a list of things you love. It is time to collect some data. Search your interest in a keyword research tool such as “keywords everywhere” or “Ubersuggest” or “Google keyword planner”.

For instance, if you love music, search for one broad category such as “rock band”. The search volume for this keyword is 49,500. It is a high competition keyword and SEO difficulty level.

micro niche blogging

Now you need to narrow it down further. You can get keyword suggestions or ideas using Ubersuggest. You can go for keywords like famous rock bands (2400), British Rock bands (1900), rock band Queen (6600) and top rock bands (1900). So, “rock band Queen” has average competition and less SEO difficulty. So this could be a good keyword for a micro-niche.

keyword research for micro niche

Remember, if the keyword search volume is too low, it means not many people are searching for it. So, go for keywords with average volume so that you can get sufficient traffic. This way to can do SEO easily and get your website ranked faster.

3.   Keep An Eye On The Competition.

Check the top 10 sites that are currently ranking for the keyword you have chosen. Check their domain authority and backlinks. Also, check the other keywords they are working on. 

Read the articles they are covering and strategy they are using to rank their articles on the 1st page.

4.   Define Your Goal

I’m sure that you are building a micro-niche site with an end goal of monetization. Yes, there are a few passionate people too but let’s focus on the previous goal. 

When we say monetization, I don’t mean conventional means of earning money like AdSense. It’s a slow & tedious but one of the means of earning. But, I wish you should think beyond.

If you have created a website that focuses on songs & singers of the Rock Band Queen then you can make the following as your goals:

-Find products on amazon that revolve around Queen such as merchandise and start with affiliate marketing.

-Create your own custom products on Queen such as posters, t-shirts with famous song caption (Bohemian Rhapsody), rock band accessories of the ’70s & ’80s, etc.

-Another creative idea is to create a CD or pen drive product that has mixed tracks of Queen. You can collaborate here with a music creator or a mixer who loves mixing songs. Make sure there are no copyright issues. Create original work and do not copy anything. A custom approach will always help you gain recognition and more financial benefits. You can sell a custom product at a higher price.

5.   Start Your Blog Site 

Now you have everything in place. Your idea, niche, and research. You are affirmative about your goals too. So all that’s left for you is to build a website and start writing blogs based on the keywords you have chosen. The main focus should be writing a blog that eventually sells your product.

For instance, you can build a blog on rock band Queen’s fan following and introduce your audience to the links where they can buy customized Queen t-shirts. A fan would definitely buy it.

Another example, write a blog on the kind of fashion the band uses to follow in the ’70s & ’80s and insert link of your customized accessories. It is a great way to sell your products and engage your audience with a good blog and information simultaneously. Also, it’s much better than direct selling.

P.S.: Not sure how to build a blog? Read my step-by-step guide on how to launch your blog?

Top 5 Highly-Profitable Micro-Niches For Blogging In 2020

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So after you have understood how the process of choosing micro-niche works, I wish to share some of my recommendations. I think they can work great as per the trends. But you still need to follow your interest and the process above to get clarity.

Niche #01 Minimalism 

Micro Niche: Minimalistic Lifestyle, Minimalistic Living, Minimalistic Interiors

There has been a buzz these days about minimalism. Wondering what “Minimal” means? Well, anything that’s very little or slightest or nominal.

People are moving towards a clean and minimal life and there is no better time to start a blog on one of the micro-niches listed above. 

You can talk about the brands that deal with minimalism, for instance, minimal clothing brands, etc. A Japanese brand called “Uniqlo” deals in minimal clothing and has recently launched itself in India. There are many other Indian brands too who deal in the same segment. Start analyzing what all you can come up with?

Niche #02 Fitness & Health

Micro Niche: Keto blogs, Vegan blogs, Yoga blogs

The moment you open up your social media, you will surely come across an ad that is asking you to adapt to one of these fitness trends. More and more people are looking to be fit these days. They are either turning vegan or are very specific about their diets due to a sedentary lifestyle. Another reason for people becoming conscious about their fitness is awareness.

Some of the other fitness trends that are quickly gaining popularity are intermittent fasting & Pilate training. Most celebrities are doing it, which is why more people are joining it.

But here is a suggestion, choose health and fitness niche when you either have experience in it or come from such a background. A fitness trainer starting a Zumba blog is likely to get more visitors than a random person with no past experience or certification. Hope you got my point.

Niche #03 Development Blogs

Micro-niche: Online Finishing School, Personality Development, Self-Development 

People are exploring newer ways to bring development within them. 

While some prefer launching an online course others have established schools to provide development services.

Thus, you must grab this opportunity and build a blog that revolves around one of the developments. An online finishing school can reach men and women who are looking to act or look in a certain way such as an elite dressing, manners, how to talk in a certain crowd, etc.

Personality development & self-development is again necessary for those who are looking to network or grow in a community or planning to become a public speaker. A great segment can be targeted under this micro-niche.

Niche #04 Gaming Blogs

Micro Niche: Choosing a specific game dominating for at least half a decade or latest games, gaming accessories

I have seen millennial’s and kids immersing themselves in games for hours & hours. So, if you have to build a blog on gaming then there are three suggestions:

-Set up a blog that only talks about the latest or necessary gaming accessories. It will be a great setup for affiliate marketing too.

-Set up a blog that talks only about a specific game and has been in the industry for at least 3-5 years. For instance, start a blog on Angry Birds and keep your audience updated about any small or big changes. 

-Set up a blog that talks only about the latest games in the market. Share detailed analysis of games or review them.

Niche #05 Finance Blogs

Micro Niche: Digital Payments, Best investment plans for millennial’s, Investment ideas for job players.

There are quite popular blogs on finance already on the Internet such as CashOveflow & JagoInvestor. But there are still some creative ideas you can build your blog on such as investment plans for millennial’s. 

We have so many budding YouTuber’s and Entrepreneurs who are earning money online at a very young age. They can make use of guidance on how to invest in it or what are the best ways to make savings?

You can also create a blog around digital payments. Every year a new app is getting launched that provides digital payment solutions. You can make a list of these platforms and start featuring them in your blog. 

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List Of Micro-Niche Ideas For 2020 

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Now, I’m going to give a few honorable mentions to those micro-niches, which are doing well as of now and good to choose before we move on to our bonus niche.

  1. Online dating
  2. LGBT community
  3. Inner engineering (Spiritual)
  4. Custom dressing for pets
  5. Quiz blogs
  6. DIY blogs
  7. Bamboo business
  8. Parenting tips for baby girl
  9. Parenting tips for baby boy
  10. Different ways of monetization online
  11. Gifting ideas for occasions
  12. Event planning ideas for occasions
  13. Profitable/startup ideas for business
  14. “What’s new” site (for a particular city)
  15. News blog of a small city (three-tier)

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Bonus Micro-Niche for Blogging

After listing the top 5 micro niches and several other profitable ideas for starting a micro-niche blog in 2020, here’s a bonus niche that needs special mention. 

Courses & masterclasses are gaining a lot of attraction these days. There are many influencers and individuals who are making and selling their individual courses. 

I have two suggestions here.

Firstly, you can review the course and bring forward the experience and feedback of others who took it.

Secondly, you can list the best courses in a niche offered by different experts around the globe. It will bring you good traffic & you can take the reseller license of high-demand courses and start with its affiliate marketing.


It is the selection of micro-niche for blogging that will define your traffic, growth and then eventually success. A bad decision at this stage will lead to failure because no matter how good you make a strategy, it will not work because either nobody is looking for it or there’s too much competition to fight.

Hope my recommendation will help you start a micro-niche blog in 2020. Which micro-niche did you choose or prefer, leave in the comments below?

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Happy blogging folks!

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