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Appreciating 11 Powerful Women Bloggers In India on Women’s Day

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Today, we are going to talk about the top 11 women bloggers in India. But before that, I wish to share how I started appreciating the power of women.

“Feminine is a powerful dimension of life. Without the feminine energy or “Shakti”, there would be nothing in existence.”- Sadhguru

The first impression of a strong woman figure came from my mother (a government employee in defense services who served for 35 years and is still serving). She was rewarded “Employee of the year” at the age of 53.

She not only nailed her job professionally but also as a mother. Most of my upbringing involved my mother teaching me how to be independent, strong and wise. 

As I moved on in life I was attracted to meeting other powerful women in different industries. Thus, I looked out for events where women on the panel were taking the world by a storm. 

I attended events organized by YourStory, FICCI, Sheroes, etc. where I got an opportunity to meet power figures like Sairee Chahal, Shraddha Sharma, Kiran Bedi, and Swati Bhargava, etc. I was even fortunate enough to listen to Priyanka Chopra’s thoughts on “Breaking the glass ceiling” live.

Now that I have a blogging platform, I would like to honor popular women bloggers on this International Women’s Day. Maybe if I get a chance someday, I would love to interact with these women personally and know how it feels to stand out? 

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Meet Top 11 Most-Inspiring Women Bloggers In India

Here is a list of top 11 women bloggers in India who have gained fame and popularity as a result of their outstanding efforts. Covering different niche and backgrounds, these women could make a mark for themselves because they believed in these magical words “I can do it”

Here we go!

1.Shradha Sharma (Your Story) 

Yourstory blog

I have to start my list with the founder, chief editor and CEO of YourStory, Shradha Sharma who is a true inspiration for all ages. She is known as “the biggest storyteller in digital space”. She is considered as one of the most influential people who could bring a change in how women are perceived today in society. Her blog “YourStory” is by far the most popular for covering the stories of entrepreneurs and startups and giving them a platform to get discovered. I truly admire her personality and believe she can impact your life forever if you get a chance to meet her.

2. Sairee Chahal (Sairee Chahal & Sheroes)

Fighting against gender disparity, Sairee Chahal has successfully established one of the biggest communities in India called Sheroes. Being the founder and CEO, she offers resources and opportunities for women to grow. In her blog, she covers a variety of topics surrounding women’s growth in India with respect to work. Connect with her on social media if you need a daily dose of inspiration.

3. Anupriya Gupta (Mommy Tincture)

parenting blog

The mother of two, this engineer and MBA mom Anupriya Gupta runs a successful parenting blog. She is also the author of a book called” Parenting and a slice of everything.” Her blog mostly covers parenting and anything that surrounds it. If you are a mom or mom-to-be then you can learn from her personal experiences.

4. Neha Ghosh (Put That Cheese Burger Down)

mental health blog

Another female blogger who made a mark through her blog is Neha Ghosh. She usually talks about mental health, holistic healing, and healthy living. Her writing is exceptional and readers can connect at a very personal level instantly. I believe mental health is a subject that should be talked about and her blog can inspire millions who go through this situation every day.

5. Shivya Nath (The Shooting Star)

travel blog

Shivya Nath is a true inspiration for youth and millennials. She runs a travel blog and is known for following her passion for traveling the world. She gave up her home and possessions to become a responsible traveler. You can read about her travel experience and how she fits all her belonging in two bags when she travels. In case you are a traveler and looking to start a travel blog, then Shivya Nath can help you with the suggestions you need.

6. Archana Doshi (Archana’s Kitchen) 

Cooking reiepe blog

Archana Doshi runs a food recipe blog where she offers DIY solutions for cooking. As per Archana, “Health resides on the dinner table.” She has been featured on various platforms such as Your Story, Google Chrome Ad on TV, Mint lounge cover page, etc. If you love cooking or want to start a YouTube channel or blog on cooking then her blog is a great way to get inspiration.

7. Jyoti Chauhan (Update Land)

SEO blog

Jyoti Chauhan is a renowned blogger; affiliate marketer and Digital Marketer. Her SEO blog is focused on providing blogging and SEO tips, WordPress and technology-related information, etc. She has a great understanding of how the Internet works. In case you are looking to start with SEO and affiliate marketing then her blogs can be a great source of information.

8. Akanksha Redhu (Fashion & Lifestyle Blog By Akanksha Redhu)

fashion and lifestyle blog

She is a remarkable fashion and lifestyle blogger who blogs mostly about smart fashion choices, beauty, travel, and luxury lifestyle. She has collaborated with many brands and has been featured on media like The Hindu, Times Life, Outlook Traveler, Cosmopolitan India, etc. If you wish to start your lifestyle blog and luxury blog then She is a remarkable female blogger to follow.

9. Gia Kashyap (Gia Says That)

Goa says that blog

Gia started pretty early as a fashion blogger. At a very young age, she loved doodles and was inspired by colors, textures, and compilations. She also worked as a fashion columnist at the age of 21. She is a great inspiration for millennials and the youth population who want to start early and look for an alternate career rather than becoming engineers and doctors.

10. Harleena Singh (Aha-Now)

Aha now blog

Harleena Singh runs a multi-niche blog that covers various aspects right from personal development, love & finance to pet development, family & parenting. She started this blog to spread happiness around and give daily inspiration to readers. If you are looking for a daily dose of happiness then her blog is a great way to start your day.

11. Nirmala Santhakumar (My Magic Fundas)

My magic fundas blog

She is a devoted women blogger who covers topics like social media, technology, and blogging. Her writing skills are immensely impressive and each article is a great read. If you are looking to be a great or an influential writer then her blogs are a must-read.


The reason I want to bring these influential women bloggers In India forward through my blog is to inspire those who want to do something but couldn’t gather the courage or necessary resources. These women are extraordinary not because they have gained fame, popularity, and limelight but a willingness to do what they love the most. 

They believed in themselves and took minor to major risks to achieve it. They had a passion, dream or an idea on which they worked and got successful because of their consistency and smart work. 

Let’s appreciate these women and encourage the ones that are around us. If you see some women with talent then inspire her, give a boost to her confidence and help them with resources so that even they can fulfill their dreams. 

Is there a woman who has impacted your life by manifolds? Leave it in the comments below.

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Wishing all happy women’s day!

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