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Top 100 Blogging Tools To Make You A Better Blogger!

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There. We were stuck again in one of the board games!

The other day, my friends and I decided to play a puzzle game in a coffee shop. We could fit most of the pieces, but there were a few we couldn’t figure out. Frustrated, one of my friends smacked the board and said, “Leave this stupid game and let’s do something else.”

(To give you a background, I’m a blogger and mostly prefer café’s to work especially on weekdays as the momentum is quiet and I can end up writing a few remarkable pieces (follow my Instagram stories to see my cafe hopping for work). But on some days instead of working on my blogs and other content projects, I meet my friends over coffee, games and conversation.)

Well, I knew she was irritated, so I kept the pieces back quietly in the box, but I was dying to complete it. You can say the behaviour was very Virgo-like (yeah, I’m Virgo). If only the incomplete puzzle had been still lying there, I would have completed it myself. But I didn’t want to upset her more!

The reason, I narrated you the incident is because I know how it feels to get stuck. I have faced situations myself in different instances and especially work where I didn’t know how to run software or which platform to use to promote my content and honestly, it left me frustrated.

Thus, I decided that I would create a list of tools for blogging and in future, generate more resources for budding bloggers so that they can find their missing pieces at the very start and function well.

As an attempt (apart from all the experiences I share through my blogs), I have created a list of 100 tools so that no blogger is stuck in establishing their blog due to lack of knowledge.

(You don’t have to implement or explore all 100. Just choose the ones that are absolutely necessary to execute your goals.)

100 Blogging Tools You Must Watch Out in 2020

The need for tools starts from the very beginning. Whether it is to find a blog topic, a blog writing software, blog theme or blog writing resources.

I remember when I was looking for my WordPress theme for the blogging site, I use to browse other sites made on WordPress then detect their themes using a tool then go to YouTube and check related videos. I also started following a few influencers and reviewed their recommendations for SEO, best devices for blogging, blog-posting tools etc.

Thus, after using quite a few tools myself and reading recommendations from the top blog influencers, here is a list of 100 paid & free blog tools that you can checkout.

If blogging is on your goal list for the coming year, then I suggest you do read this blog and find tools that resonate best with your blogging goals.

Let’s begin!

Tool For Blog Trend Research

1.Answer The Public

It offers a free report of what consumers are searching on Google (in the form of Questions), which a blogger can turn into a blog topic.

2. BuzzSumo

It is a paid research & monitoring tool, which helps in discovering in-demand content ideas and passionate influencers associated with it.

3. Google Trends

It offers keyword-related data (which can be used for building blog topics) including search volume index & geographical info of users.

4. Quora

It is an organic & free engagement platform where people ask question and contributors reply with their quality answers based on experience.

Tools For Website Hosting

5. Vapour Host

It offers cost-effective, yet high performing shared Hosting Plans (Mini, Professional, Power) with SSD, cPanel, Cloudflare CDN and Backups.

6. SiteGround

It is a web hosting service with Startup, Grow Big and Go Geek plans crafted for ultimate speed, unmatched security and 24/7 support.

7. BlueHost

It is the world’s largest hosting provider that offers Shared, VPS and Dedicated packages with ultimate security and high-performance.

Tools For Website Domain

8. GoDaddy

Its search tool finds a domain with an apt extension for a website instantly. Other services include Domain Forwarding & Domain Transfers.

9. NameCheap

It offers a cost-effective domain name to build a web presence with the desired extension for a website backed by reliable service.

10. Domain

Establish your or a company’s web presence by finding and registering the most suitable & competitive domain name without spending much.

Tools For Blog Title Generator

11. SEOPressor Blog Title Generator

Enter a relevant keyword to find a creative and catchy title for your upcoming blog to rank high on search engine and be found by users.

12. Link Bait Title Generator

Find compelling and clickbait title for your blog or brainstorm on the results suggested by the platform upon entering a topic or subject.

13. Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

Enter your headline & analyze its Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) based on a score generated in relevance to the total no. of words it has.

14. Impact Blog Title Generator

Not sure, what to blog on? Enter a keyword and fill in the blanks to have an endless supply of blog topics. Save in online book for later.

15. HubSpot Blog Topic Generator

Enter a keyword (Noun) and get a year’s of supply instantly on the relevant blog topics along with modern SEO tips.

Tools For Keyword Research

16. Google Keyword Planner

Free tool to research and analyze keywords relevant to your product, service and customer that can be used for both SEO & PPC advertisers.

17. Keywords Everywhere

By placing an extension on your browser, you can find related keywords upon entering a query on a search engine along with search vol. & CPC.

18. SEMrush

Build a unique online presence with this tool that helps in Seach Engine Optimization, PPC, social media management & competitive research.

19. Long Tail Pro

A great keyword research tool that generates thousands of long-form of keywords by entering a root keyword and perform competitive analysis.

Tool For Blog Pics

20. Pixbay

Download unlimited high-quality photos & videos for a commercial purpose using this free tool. No requirement of a license.

21. Death To The Stock Photo

A paid tool that exhibits a collection of unique stock photos to make your web pages and blog posts look visually appealing.

22. Evernote

As the name suggests, a user can take down notes, make to-do lists and jot down every project detail using this tool.

23. PicMonkey

A powerful photo editor and a graphic design software that helps in designing different social media graphics and banners, logo, & photos.

24. Canva

The tool offers drag-and-drop feature and pre-designed templates to design presentations, logo, social media creatives & business documents.

Tools For Plagiarism

25. CopyScape

It is the best online plagiarism detector that checks your content against webpages for originality & finds even minutest of similarities.

26. Turnitin

It is an authenticity checking & plagiarism prevention tool that checks your writing for citation mistakes or inappropriate copying.

27. Plagscan

This online plagiarism detector checks the authenticity of an article. It finds the copied content b/w your submission and other web pages.

28. Writecheck

This online plagiarism checker tool helps beginners/experts become better writers by correcting grammar errors and finding copied content.

Tools For SEO

29. Google Webmasters Tool

Webmasters tool shares insights on how your website is working and what issues need fixing so that users can find what they are looking for.

30. Yoast

A powerful tool that helps in making your website or blog site in making search-engine friendly without you knowing any coding language.

31. KW Finder

A keyword research & analysis tool that allows a user to find a relevant long-tail keyword that has high search volume and low competition.

32. Ahref

A popular SEO tool that shares insights on all the backlinks your website owns from 3rd party sites and report the same for your competitor.

33. Bing Webmaster Tool

A tool by Microsoft that allows indexing and crawling of a website, submission of new URL’s, sitemap creation, and website statistics etc.

34. Integrity

A free tool that works perfectly for large websites by finding and fixing a broken link, images and setting panel to control the crawling.

35. Screaming Frog

A website crawler tool that allows you to crawl a website’s URLs and analyze key elements for both technical and onsite SEO.

36. Sitebulb

A powerful SEO tool with effective website crawling & insightful reposting system that shares insights & intuitive data visualizations.

37. Squirrly

Software that works on unique Focus Pages concept. It impacts over 54 ranking factors that increase the chances of your website ranking.

Tools For Monetization

38. Adsense

A free Google tool that allows you to earn money from your online content by simply pacing advertisement on your website.

39. Media.net

Maximize your monetization through search, direct advertisers, traditional RTB sources by joining the largest pool of advertisers.

40. Propeller Ads

An advertising network that provides a performance-driven monetizing platform for affiliates and marketers with leading ad servings.

41. VigLink

An outbound-traffic monetization service that specializes in in-text advertising and marketing.

Tools For Proofreading & Grammar Check

42. Grammarly

A digital writing tool that offers grammar spell check & plagiarism detection service. It also suggests vocabulary, delivery style, & tone.

43. Hemingway Editor

An online word processor & proofreading tool that simplifies lengthy and complex writing into a simple and error-free document.

44. Slick Write

A free yet powerful online grammar checker that improves a content piece by suggestive style and helps in engaging an audience better.

45. Wordrake

It’s an online editor that improves the brevity of content. It quickly edits documents like reports, emails, etc. to make them clear.

Tools For Blog Platform

46. WordPress

A website creation tool that allows a user to build a free website or blog site with customizable, mobile-ready designs and themes.

47. Wix

Create a professional and stunning website with Wix’s drag-and-drop editor. Build a site using pre-built templates and tools.

48. Weebly

An easy but not much flexible free website builder that offers a drag and drop interface to build a site by editing the pre-built templates.

49. Jimdo

A web authoring tool that allows a user to build their website using pre-built templates without knowing HTML language or any coding.

50. Squarespace

A drag and drop visual website builder where users can use pre-built website templates and add elements such as images and texts.

51. Joomla

A free & open-source content management system (CMS) for publishing content & connecting your site to MySQLi, MySQL, or PostgreSQL database.

52. Webnode

An online drag and drop website builder that helps in building personal, business & eCommerce site using elements like a blog, photo etc.

53. Site123

An easy to use website builder that allows users to build a website or blog site. It has an eCommerce builder too for setting up a store.

54. Webflow

A SaaS-based drag and drop web design tool that allows developers to build responsive websites without any coding knowledge.

Tools For Email Marketing

55. Mailchimp

With Mailchimp’s paid plan, you get access to features such as send-time optimization, advanced segmentation, multi-variate testing, etc.

56. Get Response

Create email campaigns & track performance using this tool. It comes with responsive forms, landing pages, A/B testing, and autoresponders.

57. Aweber

A popular email marketing tool that provides email templates, list management, autoresponders, and email tracking with detailed insights.

58. Convert Kit

An easy to use email marketing tool designed for bloggers and marketers that allows sending regular & drip emails.

Tools For Social Sharing

59. Buffer

This social media management tool helps in managing social network by planning and scheduling future posts and driving engagement.

60. Hootsuite

A social media tool that helps a brand in keeping a track, building engagement and management of social network channels.

61. Click to Tweet

It is the simplest way to promote and advertise your blog, website, and business on Twitter and make it convenient for users to share.

62. Sendible

Build a strong brand presence with this paid social media management tool that helps in monitoring, analytics, and audience engagement.

63. MeetEdgar

A paid social tool that gives you access to 25 social networks and endless features. You can upload, publish and reshare your posts.

Tools For Analytics

64. Kissmetrics

It is an advanced tool for user-based insight with metrics dashboard, funnel, customer journey reporting, cohorts & behaviour notification.

65. Google Analytics

It is Google’s free digital analytics software that provides insights on visitors & its demographics, bounce rate, and traffic source.

Tools For Efficiency 

66. Egg Timer

A simple tool for efficiency that runs an online timer. Set a time you would like to achieve efficiency in and bookmark it for future use.

67. Toggle

A productivity tool that helps you in keeping focussed and avoiding any distraction by simple time tracking reports.

68. Trello

A task management tool for high productivity and flexibility (using a kanban system) that allows you to make a list of task and assign it.

69. Wunderlist

A cloud-based task management tool that allows users to manage their tasks on a daily basis listing out their big and small details.

70. Google Calendar

An online calendar that helps you in keeping track of important events & meetings. You can also set reminders of upcoming events.

Tools For Affiliate networks

71. Share A Sale

A credible network of affiliate that works for beginners. Established for 19 years, they are known for their speed, efficiency, & accuracy.

72. CJ Affiliate

One of the largest and most popular affiliate networks, Commission junction, offers a broad range of big brands to work with.

73. Amazon

Amazon has a humungous stock that serves most affiliate niches. You’ll make money for any sale & not just for the product you were marketing

74. Clickbank

A great network for beginners that promotes small brands and measures the sale of a product in terms of gravity (a metric by Clickbank).

Tools For Team Management

75. Slack

A great tool that allows a team or a company to have group discussions and share messages, files & communicate through chat & messages.

76. Asana

A great work management tool where a user can organize projects, assign tasks and plan workflow to keep a track on work progress.

Tools For Site Optimization

77. WP Rocket

A great cache tool for speed optimization that helps in implementing a variety of speed-boosting features to a WordPress website.

78. W3 Total Cache

It enhances the user experience by improving server performance, reducing download time and providing transparent CDN integration.

79. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

AMP (HTML framework) improves the web page speed, thus providing a fast, smooth-loading & a prioritized user-experience.

Tools For Security & Backup

80. Word Fence Security Plugin

A firewall that protects a website by applying Threat Defense Feed. It alerts a user of any security issue & prevents the site from hacking.

81. Updraft Plus Site Backup Plugin

It is the most trusted platform for website backup, and it’s restoration & migration in case of hacking, server crash, or dodgy update

Miscellaneous Blogging Tools

82. Word Counter

An online editor that allows you to count the no. of words & characters in your content, check keyword density & correct any writing error.

83. WP Theme Detector

An online free tool that helps you in finding the WordPress theme a website is using by simply entering their website address.

84. Wappalyzer

A free online tool that identifies technologies used on a website such as CMS, eCommerce platforms, web frameworks, & server software etc.

85. Readable

Build better engagement by using this tool that tests the readability, spelling & grammar of your content and shows where to improve.

86. Google Docs

A document authoring tool that allows a user to edit a document (text documents, slide presentations, spreadsheets, & surveys) in real-time.

87. Hello Bar

It is a customizable notification bar that draws visitors to a call to action on the website leading to an email list or conversion.

88. Fyrebox

An easy tool that helps you in creating customized quizzes for your website and facebook page to educate or audience or develop leads.

89. Similar Web

A tool that offers its users info on their competitors’ website traffic volume, referral sources, keyword analysis & website stickiness

90. Ever Note

A paid tool designed for note-taking, organizing & archiving and task management so that you don’t miss out on anything.

91. Quick Sprout

With this tool, grow your business by availing the best tips on website creation, domain and hosting providers and digital marketing.

92. Todoist

A to-do app that provides a user-friendly interface with productivity charts. It works on all popular platforms, devices and browsers.

93. DropBox

An online cloud storage tool that allows you to save your files online and access it later from anywhere on any device.

94. Digg Digg

A floating share bar that helps you in getting more likes and shares on your content piece and provides sharing convenience to your users.

95. Skitch

A free Mac app that allows you to annotate images (screenshots) with arrows, shapes and text to visually communicate with your audience.

96. Sendinblue

An outstanding tool that builds engagement with your users using customization and automation of marketing workflows such as email, SMS etc.

97. Revive Old Post

A free tool that automatically shares your old posts on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn to engage your audience.

98. Live Chat

An online chat software that can keep you and readers close by probing them what they wish to read and get their feedback on your content.

99. Invoice Generator

With an invoice generator, you can create attractive & professional invoices & send it in the form of pdf or word doc format to your client.

100. Zoom

Conduct chat, webinars, workshops and video & audio conferencing with this reliable, modern and cloud video communications.

Become A Better Blogger!

I know for sure that some of these tools have made me a better blogger. As a blogger, my job is to produce good content, and these tools help me come out of challenging situations such as finding apt headlines, researching keywords and correcting grammar errors. 

I hope this list of 100 blogging tools will help you in a variety of aspects and strike off “starting a blog” from your bucket list next year!

Feel free to shout out any important tool I have missed in the list in the comments below and share this with anyone who is already a blogger or looking to start.

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