Someone rightly said, “The Best Things In Life Are Free”.

I decided to launch this platform only to give back to my community. It is essential to pass on the knowledge to others for a community to grow and flourish. Whatever I learned in the past few years, I wish to put it out there so that others have all the information at one place, which was missing when I started.

With the Internet being crowded, I try that my followers should be equipped with all the tools and platforms they need to start and eventually grow.

I’m committed to offering as much for free as I possibly can.

So, go ahead and explore the free books, guide and recommendations that will help you take your first steps towards blogging.

Free E-books & Guides

This Checklist comprises of what a blogger needs before starting their blog in terms of technology, platform and resources.

The tools listed in this e-book shall keep you in check and also make the process of content creation easy and effortless.

The guide talks about 10 most proven platforms for earning. Explore the guide and see which platform works best for you?

Best Website Themes

A premium WordPress theme “Divi” is aptest if you are looking for a beautiful website layout in a short span of time.

Extremely simple and easy to operate, “Generate Press” is minimalistic aesthetically and first choice for affiliate marketers and bloggers.

For an effortless experience, you can opt for thrive themes as they help you build an eye catching & organised website in minutes.

Top Hosting Platforms

If you have just started and are looking for a professional support and service then choose Site Ground. They have great customer support.

The hosting by VapourHost is quite affordable. They have mini & professional packages, which suits both bloggers as well as businesses.

For fast servers and good technical support team for hosting, sign up for Blue Host. I recommend this platform for its premium service delight.

Software For Expansion

As a beginner, you can opt for MailChimp as an email marketing platform. It is free and will help you build an email list.

A social media management tool that helps you schedule posts, manages conversations & interactions and track metrics.

If you are looking to run automated campaigns and have funnels then convert kit is a great email marketing tool.

Technology Recommendations

I prefer using Mackbook (13”), as it doesn’t hangs and functions smoothly. Great for editing videos (iMovie) and running professional emails (Mail).

This Canon DSLR 1500D is smooth for taking your beginner shots. if you wish to shoot videos for courses or just IGTV then this camera gives high quality.

The Yeti USB Microphone is great for recording podcasts, videos and webinars. They have exemplary output and are into multiple pattern (bi-directional/ multi-directional)

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