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Meet Jitendra Likhar & Devashish Jain: The Experts In Launching News Blog Sites

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Though the Internet gives humungous power to some, many fall quickly as it is a crowded place to survive. The competence of the Internet cannot be questioned as many have risen from rag to riches just by making their presence online. Today, this interview is not about a fallen disappearance but a rising success of two bloggers who with their strong will and determination sold their first blog news site to a celebrity and developed two more news sites who are now Google News approved. 

In conversation With Jitendra Likhar

Today, I am delighted to introduce “Jitendra Likhar” who on behalf of their team and co-founder will share his inspirational journey.

In this full interview, we will know more about how Mr. Likhar has been running & managing three news sites? (Mr. Devashish Jain’s message will be shared during the interview) 

Q. Please Tell About Yourself And How Did You Get Into Making Websites?

Jitendra: Hey all, I’m Jitendra Likhar. I am a Polytechnic Engineer born and brought up in Nagpur. Devashish Jain & I started with our first news site called JustBollywood.in (now known as www.cinetalkers.com) out of passion. We loved watching movies and therefore we decided to launch a news site in 2013 to post movie reviews, entertaining B-town news, etc. It was our first step towards entrepreneurship. Today, JustBollywood.in gets around 14,000 organic visitors a day. 

QAlong With You, Who Else Works Behind The Scenes?

Jitendra: Well, besides me, Devashish is in the founding team. We also have three full-time employees, who are involved in developing content and maintaining the sites up-to-date. We also have some freelancers working with us. 

Q. How Many News Websites Are You Running Currently?

Jitendra: We started with JustBollywood.in in 2014. This was our first website. We no more own JustBollywood.in as one of the celebrities bought the site. It was renamed as Cinetalkers.com. We still manage the site though, from updating content to keeping it updated as per trends.

Later in 2016, we started with Justmarathi.com. The recent most website is NagpurOranges.com which we started in Aug 2019. 

Q. How Was Your Journey? Was It Plain Sailing Or Challenging?

Jitendra: We were doing a job when we started the first news site. We use to earn only 8k-10k/month back in 2014. It was difficult to manage our expenses and especially hiring employees. From developing the website to writing content initially, we did everything ourselves at the beginning. Also, getting AdSense approval was not easy back then. Our first website JustBollywood.in was rejected 3-5 times before it got approval. 

Here’s what Devashish Jain said, “I joined a website development course to learn how to make a fully functional website. Later it helped me to build “JustBollywood.in”

Q. Why Did You Choose To Launch A News Site?

Jitendra: We were sure about the niche in which we wanted to blog i.e. Bollywood. But there were several reasons why we decided on launching a news site. 

Firstly, it requires very little research to write an article. Secondly, the traffic that comes from news sites is short-lived but huge. We have reached to a maximum of 57k visitors a day on one of our sites. So, we didn’t have to worry much about finding a strategy to get traffic.

If you write news on a trending topic, you can easily get 4k-7k visitors, which is quite good. Lastly, there are plenty of topics to cover every day under news and the word length can be short which makes it easy to develop unique content.

Q. How Much Traffic Do You Get On Each Site And Are They All AdSense Approved?

Jitendra: JustMarathi.com gets around 2k organic visitors a day while Nagpuroranges.com gets around 1k organic visitors a day as it is fairly new. JustBollywood.in (CineTalkers.com) gets around 10k organic visitors a day. Expect JustMarathi.com, Cinetalkers.com & Nagpuroranges.com are Google News approved. 

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Q. Is It Easy To Get A News Site Approved Under Google News? What Are The Factors That One Must Consider Before Submitting?

Jitendra: Well, only 5% of the sites are Google News approved. A lot of things are considered before a website gets approval such as how old the website is (minimum 3 months old), the traffic count, quality of articles, enough content upload every day (at least 4-5 articles daily up to 3 months), no. of authors, privacy policy on the website. If you can keep a check on these factors before submission, the chances of rejection would be fairly less.

Q. In What Ways Can A News Site Be Monetized? Is AdSense Only The Way?

Jitendra: AdSense income for entertainment niche is very less. We started it out of interest in Bollywood but as a blogger, if you are looking for means of monetization, then AdSense income won’t suffice. 

To sustain a blog site, you may need a team of 2-3 people; therefore you must find more ways to earn to avoid spending from your pocket. 

Look for paid collaborations & accept paid guest posts. Also, learn and implement affiliate marketing (one of the biggest income source)

We earned out of movie/video promotions when we were running justbollywood.in. Now we are only managing it. Our current two websites also get paid collaborations besides AdSense.

Q. What Advice Would You Give To Bloggers Who Are Looking To Launch Their New Site?

Jitendra: Based on teams and my experience, firstly, I would suggest everyone choose their niche carefully. Make sure you have an interest in it so that you can keep going every day. 

Secondly, choose a unique domain name and try for a keyword related to your niche.

Thirdly, within the selected niche find 5-7 categories and avoid sticking to just one. Run your website consistently for at least 3 months and check analytics to see which category is working best and fetching maximum traffic. Now, work more on the categories that are performing well.

Fourthly, try working on trending, real-time news as it would create massive traffic and you won’t have to look for paid promotions. Invest only when necessary. We get our maximum traffic from Google and do not depend on social media or paid ads to get traffic.

Lastly, submit your sites on RozBuzz, OperaNews, UCNews, Google, Bing, and Apple, etc. to get more organic traffic.

Launch your site when you can dedicate your time. If you are caught up between a job and running a news site then you will need help at least for posting regular content. It is better to plan than facing any disappointment or failure.

Q. Who All Can Start A Blog Site On News?

Jitendra: Anybody who has the working knowledge of how to develop a website and run it smoothly can start a news site. You may need some investment at the start of buying a domain and hosting. If you are not sure of how to develop a news site then you will need a developer whom you can outsource it. The developer will come with a certain cost for developing and later maintaining it. 

Also, posting content every day is important. So make sure you have a content writer with you if you are unable to do it yourself.

If you doing a job, don’t quit immediately and try hustling to get the maximum output. Make sure you have some micro achievement before you decide to get in it full-time. Devashish & I wish all the best to the aspiring bloggers. If someone is looking to start a news site they can approach us for consultation.

We would be more than happy to help our community and give back in whatever way we can. Anyone who is looking for some quick answers can post their queries in comments and my team and I will reply immediately.

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