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Meet Alina Bradford: A successful International Freelance writer

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From writing for famous media houses and well-known companies like CBS, MTV, CVS, Rachael Ray, eBay to making an independent living with freelance writing, today’s interview is joined by Ms. Alina BradFord.

She is an international freelance writer who currently lives in Texas. She has almost 2 decades of experience in content creation and now has built a resource pool (freelance starter pack, podcast pack, article quality checklist, invoice template, social media toolkit, etc.) for those who wish to learn content creation from scratch.

You can read her blog to know “how to become a successful freelance writer.” She works with high-ticket clients and has launched a course called freelance writing master course & a book to help the freelance writer community.

In Conversation With Ms. Alina BradFord: International Freelance Writer

Thank you, Ms. Alina, for joining me in this interview series. It is a great honor for me to have this conversation with you. I’m sure this interview will help many aspiring writers who wish to make an independent living out of writing.

Q1. Hello Ms. Alina, can you tell our readers about yourself? 

Alina: I have been a freelance writer for more than 20 years. I have written for big sites and publications such as MTV, CBS, USA Today and many more. I now also teach others how to become successful freelance writers. 

Q2. Why you became a freelance writer? What motivated you to start with freelancing?

Alina: I was once told that you should do what you like to do, and I like to write. I also wanted to run my own business from home, so freelancing was an easy choice. 

Q3. Can people make a viable living by freelancing full-time?

Alina: Yes, many people do. I do.

Q4. Should people eventually build a team to expand further or just solely work themselves on every project received?

Alina: Everyone is different. Most work alone, but some create agencies. It just all depends on how you want to grow your business. 

Q5. How do you approach your clients?

Alina: I often just apply to openings and gigs I see online. I don’t typically cold message or call people. 

Q6. What are the platforms that help you in getting high-ticket clients?

Alina: I use LinkedIn a lot.

Q7. What will aspiring writers gain if they sign up for your No-Fluff Freelance Writing Starter Pack?

Alina: I’ve literally packed everything a writer needs to know about becoming a successful freelance writer into this course. From how to construct articles to how to find clients, it’s all in there.

Q8. You have worked for multifarious media sites and companies. How was your experience? 

Alina: Each site is different. Some are great to work with and some are a challenge. 

Q. How your writing gets millions of views? Is there a template or special form of writing that brings that kind of success to you? 

Alina: You need to know your niche and what your reader is looking for. Then, you need to give it to them so that they want to share with their friends. 

Q9. What are the things that a freelance writer must take care of while taking up a project? (Sign MoU or agreement, payment terms etc.) 

Alina: Always lay out all of the terms before starting a project and make sure the other party agrees in writing. Terms include the number of edits provided, pay, delivery dates, and copyright terms.

Q10. Should freelance writers focus on building their personal brand? 

Alina: Yes. You need to stand out. There are a lot of writers out there. Why should a client choose you? Show them.

Q11. What tools do you recommend freelance writers must learn and use? 

Alina: A lot of clients will want you to be able to use WordPress, Slack, and Skype. 

Q12. What tips would you give to the aspiring freelance writers?

Alina: Pitching is a huge part of freelancing. You need to hone your pitching skills and keep 12 pitches out at all times to keep your business profitable. 

Before Saying GoodBye

Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. I think your insights are really helpful. I wish you luck for your future goals and would invite the audience to share any questions they wish to ask on freelance content writing in the comments below. If you wish to connect with Alina, you can find her on LinkedIn & Instagram

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