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Is Blogging Dead Or Still Relevant In 2020?

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The rumor says, “ Blogging is dead.”

I got curious to explore this rumor and decided to head straight to where I get all my insights from i.e. Quora!

I saw so many users sharing their concerns on “Is blogging dead?” But this speculation started way back in 2017 (if you see some of the questions above). 

Another question that I wish to ask you is, “Are you still getting emails from your influencers about their new blog post?” (At least, I get it from influencers that I follow regularly.)

If yes, then you must have started getting the hint of where I’m heading my answer to.

A wide variety of audience believes that other platforms (YouTube & Tiktok) and content forms (videos) have dominated way too much to leave a room for blogging.

Now, in a minute, I will share my opinion but before I do that here’s what others have to say about the subject:

As per Neal Schaffer, it is totally worth spending time & money on creating your blog or maintaining your company blog in 2020.

As per Location Rebel blog“Blogging Isn’t dead, it has just evolved”

As per Liz Moorehead, “Blogging is all about pillar content and pillar pages and needs proper planning, strategy, and knowledge.

Besides, I have listed many statistics on blogging in one of my previous blogs, where I have shared the number of blogs that content readers are consuming on a daily basis. Also, I have stated how blogs are impacting the conversions and driving sales.

So, finally, I’m going to shout it out loud and say that “No, blogging is not dead and will still play a great role either in personal branding or driving sales of a business or company especially for SMB’s (Small-Medium Businesses)”.

How Blogging Has Evolved In The Last Decade (2010-2019)?

Before we agree collectively that the answer to “Is blogging is dead?” is “No”, let’s see how blogging has emerged between 2010-2019.

By 2010, the blogging industry was already in great shape. WordPress was launched in 2003 and Google started AdSense. Huffington Post and Buzzfeed made their presence in 2006. Also, microblogging became a thing with Tumblr and Twitter.

Now, between 2010-2019, new advancement’s in blogging followed. In 2012, Medium was launched.

Blogging was at great heights in 2016 that its popularity leads WordPress to launch a new extension called “. Blog”. The other popular extensions used at that time were “.org”, “. com”, and “.net”.

Here are some recent statistics on blogging from 2019 that will indicate how blogging still has a major role to play in coming years:

  • Every month an average of 70 million new blog posts are published on WordPress. (WordPress)
  • Around 60% of people purchase a product after reading a blog about it. (Demand Metric)
  • Companies with 16 or more blog posts/month are likely to generate 4.5X more leads than those who publish only 4 posts or less. (Hubspot)
  • 71% of B2B buyers consume a blog post before they make a purchase. (Demand Gen)
  • 77% of Internet users read blogs regularly. (Impact)

How To Benefit From Your Blog in 2020?

“Is Blogging Dead?” is a phrase that might heat the discussion as different people may have different opinions. But I can assure that you can pursue blogging in 2020 without having the fear of blogging trend diminishing in the coming years.

Now let’s talk about some benefits that come from blogging!

Blogging in simple terms is the written form of content. The written form of content will never be dead. I believe, it gives more credibility than any other form, be it a video, podcast, etc.

So in what cases blogging will prove to be useful?

1.Brands Can Earn Greater Exposure & drive more sales and conversions. 

With blogging, brands can create more awareness about their company or product/service and engage their audience. This way they have more chances to generate leads and eventually more conversions.

2. Build An Online Portfolio Of Your Company Or For Yourself

A blog dedicated to your company or you can build an exclusive portfolio. By posting regular content you can gain fair recognition in the market and with a good blog quality you can rule the roost.

3. A Great Way Of Networking

We all know about different blogging communities that exist online and offline. You can get a chance to interact with so many other bloggers working in the same niche.

4. Self-Branding Tool

If you wish to launch your courses or conduct workshops in the future then one way of building a great presence is blogging. People will follow you for your content and eventually will buy anything coming from you.

5. Knowledge Sharing Platform

Personal experience carries great importance and this time you can blog about it. You can share your working knowledge and how you do things differently over a blog. People love reading great work.

Now, the question comes how can you grow your blog with such a huge background noise? Let me share some of the things you should do to grow organic traffic on your blog.

Here Are 8 Ways To Grow Your Blog In 2020?

Grow your blog in 2020

If “ Is blogging Dead?” is a question that still haunts you then I have specified with my experience that it’s not true. Blogging has just evolved as mentioned earlier. Therefore, understanding and execution both should evolve too for blogging. 

Things I have mentioned below can be some or a few of the choices you can make to grow your blog in 2020.

1. Shift Your Focus From Content Creation To Distribution

On several occasions and in most of my blogs, I have emphasized the importance of Content Distribution. I agree that you should post quality content regularly on your site for organic traffic but content distribution will help you in getting traffic from more than just social media. You can start a 70/30 or 50/50 ratio when it comes to Distribution vs. writing. Then eventually try for a 60/40 ratio. It will work wonders for you in terms of reachability and visibility. 

2. Join Blogging Communities On Social Media & Blogging Forums

Join communities available on Facebook & LinkedIn to share your blog and interact with other fellow bloggers. This will help you in keeping up with the latest blogging trends. There are some forums online too dedicated to blogging. Joining these groups & forums will only increase your exposure.

3. Use Email Marketing To Promote Your Blog

The best chance to grow your blog is by using email marketing. Notifying users of your new blogs and interacting with them on a daily basis. This way you can build a user base for yourself who will initially start following you and later will trust you. Once you have your audience trust, you can promote your products and learning’s to make sales.

4. Learn Copywriting To Write A Smooth Blog Piece

Invest in yourself at every level to see some great results. Self-learning is necessary even if you have enough knowledge. To grow your blog, you need great pieces of content that can engross your audience into reading and eventually following your blog. Join a copywriting class today. Learn new ways of writing and engaging your audience. You might learn some new insights that you were not aware of earlier.

5. Invest In Building Pillar Content

Pillar content is when you write in-depth articles and not go for surfacing. The surfacing is when you write on a topic with shallow information. Building pillar content takes time. Your blog can range anywhere between 5000-10,000 words that is strategically planned and written. It may take you weeks or even a month to do so but the results would be very promising.

How to write a pillar page (with examples). This is a great article I came across written by Liz Moorehead that I think every writer and blogger must read

6. Network With Other Bloggers Working In the Same Niche

Go offline and meet the blogger in person. What they can tell you in a face-to-face conversation would be far more valuable compared to the kind of interaction you can have with that person online. You can either meet people in events and club meetings or arrange personally to gain insights on how they work. 

7. Collaborate For Blogs

Collaborate with bloggers who can either allow you for guest blogging on their platform or promote your blog among their following. This collaboration will open you to a completely new audience.

8. Develop Different Kinds Of Blogs Posts

Try diversifying your blog post pattern. Sometimes you can work on guides or Infographic while for rest you can go for interview blogs, tutorials or checklist king of blog posts. This variety will always give a fresh perspective to your audience.

In What Scenario’s Will Blogging Not Work For You?

“Blogging Doesn’t work. I tried but got no result!”

If this statement is coming from you then you must listen to what I have to say! 

What you often forget is that blogging grows over time and needs patience. Also, in my recent tips on social media, I mentioned how blogging requires a full-time commitment and cannot be treated as a side hustle. (Join my Facebook Page if you haven’t already for amazing tips on blogging every week.)

Now, let’s discuss scenarios where blogging will not produce a result. See, if you are a part of any such scenario. 

Scenario #01 You didn’t optimize your blog for search engines.

Scenario #02 You started blogging without doing keyword research.

Scenario #03 You were not well informed of the importance of strategic planning of blog topic selection.

Scenario #04 You kept producing blog content but didn’t think of promoting it much.

Scenario #05 You focused on Quantity Content over Quality.

Scenario #06 You did everything but expected results overnight.

By now, if you have nodded on any of these scenarios then I guess you know why your blog isn’t working for you. (If your scenario is not in the list here, DM me on Instagram.)


Blogging hasn’t made to the graveyard yet for all the right reasons. It is still very much relevant and the biggest proof comes from the fact that 

“Every month an average of 70 million new blog posts are published on WordPress. (WordPress)”

It is simple to understand that if blogging would have been dead then why 70 million blog posts are getting published every month? This assures that there are humungous readers out there that still love reading blogs and may also prefer watching videos too.

Though Vlogging has made a great mark of its own in the last 14 years or so (Ever since the launch of YouTube & recently TikTok), blogging will still be smooth going in the future!

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