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Increase Organic Traffic On A Website With These 7 Proven Hacks

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How to increase organic traffic on the website can be pretty mind-boggling for naïve beginners trying to find new avenues for growth through Internet marketing. 

Well, nothing to snort about but I was a newbie too, until a few years ago, and found it rather overwhelming!

And believe me, it wasn’t as easy as I had perceived. 

Scrolling through several blogs to understand the nuances of organic traffic, I gathered that organic traffic does take up time and requires conscientious efforts. 

Let’s be a little more elaborate and learn all what’s and how’s of increasing organic traffic, systematically. 

What Is Organic Traffic?

When it comes to clicks on your website, there are different ways people may discover it. 

  • They may click on the link that you have shared with them and directly reach your website (it happens when you more or less know the people and share your website link with them), but it has limited reach. 
  • Another way is that they may find a link of your website on their social media platforms and click on it because your blog or your product has rather tickled their curiosity and they want to know more.

It is not going to get you more business, and it is NOT organic traffic. This will not solve your query on how to increase organic traffic on the website. It will gradually dissipate. 

Organic traffic is the click on your website by strangers, by unknown people who discover your website on the listings of the search engine not because you have paid the search engine company to put your company’s name there, but because the search engine considers your website authentic and appropriate for those listings. 

Enigma Surrounding ‘How To Increase Organic Traffic On The Website?’

“Wouldn’t it be easier if I just paid a marketing strategist for this job or pay Google AdWords rather than working my way through this cumbersome organic traffic stuff?” 

Indeed, a thought in the minds of many!

And I say; certainly, it would be, but then is it wise to spend extravagantly on an online campaign without having any settled returns in your pockets, and for how long will you keep burning holes in your pockets for this continual cycle? 

 “But how can I do it myself?”

It’s not all that complicated. All it requires is your dedication, assiduity and systematic efforts without going overboard. 

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Modus Operandi Of ‘How To Increase Organic Traffic On The Website?’ 

There are ways and ways to augment organic traffic on the website, but every effort that you put in requires a balanced and consistent digital marketing strategy. 

With gradual incorporation, the techniques work.

So let’s get this ball rolling! 

Insight 1: Intrigue Your Audience, Not The Search Engines 

This begins by engaging your audience with new information every now and then regularly in a gripping manner, such that it holds their interest. 

You really do not have to create words or content to impress the search engines alone. You have to write buyer personas because with this you will resonate with them easily and invariably will have created SEO enriched blog. 

Insight 2: Blog In Every Nook And Cranny

This is one of the many powerful ways to captivate your targets and drive in increased organic traffic. Pivoting around your niche, blogs help you lure potential buyers. By providing them with a dose of the latest trends and information related to your market, you hold their interest. It shall keep them glued to your website and will make them come back for more!

Insight 3: Vibe Your Website With Specific Keywords

Include keywords that are most precise to your product or service line rather than trying to encompass the already accepted keywords. The best way to use specific keywords is by using long-tail keywords. This is a well-tried trick!

Gradually search engines will recognize your website’s appropriateness for that particular product or service and begin fostering it. Your website will get noticed and clicked on more frequently. 

Insight 4: Create your own internal link chain

Compile fetching content and keep posting it regularly and link it with other blogs of yours. This will enable users to read through all your content and stay on your website for longer hours. On the one hand, this strategy will increase the bond between you and your buyers and on the other, it will slowly but steadily build your trustworthiness

Insight 5: Consider incoming links as requisite 

Be authentic and encourage people or bloggers you know, and who are specifically commendable to link them to your site. This chain of incoming links works wonders with search engines. They trust that vibe and will grade your website on a larger scale. 

Insight 6: Create An Unambiguous Presence On Social Media

Social media presence is an empowering strategy to increase organic traffic. Create your presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and several others to share your content and gradually build up your fan following. 

Insight 7: Analyze Metrics And Readjust Accordingly

Use analytical tools to keep track of everything that happens on your website, as in, where were the visits from, keywords used to reach your website, etc. It always helps to readjust your website accordingly and create a more emphatic content. 

The secret to Increasing Organic Traffic On Website Revealed!

Thus, organic traffic is the new pulse of success, and you need to connect with your customers to reap its beneficial effects. You can generate more organic traffic by these simple hicks with stress overly on compelling blog posts as this is the crux of how to increase organic traffic on the website. 

Be transparent, be authentic and more importantly give value to your targeted customers worth their time and efforts and you will become successful without much juggling. 

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