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How To Achieve Consistency In Blogging Like A Pro?

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I fear not the man who has practised 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practised one kick 10,000 times. –Bruce Lee

Every successful person fears not the quick risers or young leaders but a person with consistency. Anyone who has mastered “persistence or consistency” can beat talent, skill and even luck.

During my early days of blogging, even I use to struggle with my inconsistency. I kept making excuses in my mind such as “let me find more information” or “let me try for more perfection” or tomorrow I will start blogging let me take care of my social media today”, and I missed out on so many tomorrows that even I couldn’t count.

Frustrated with zero results & guilt, I decided to work on it and started reading on how to build blogging consistency. Came across so many write-ups and suggestions on the Internet from renowned bloggers but one random yet good story got stuck with me, which I’m sharing with you guys too. 

In the 1950s, there was a plastic surgeon named Maxwell Maltz, who noticed strange behaviour among his patients. After he does a surgery (a nose job or a lip job), his patient took a minimum 21 days to get used to their new look. He also wrote it in one of his experiences “our brain needs a minimum 21 days to remove an old an old picture and form a new one.”

This gave me some clarity about what was I doing wrong. 

We, humans, are a creature of habits. As Per European Journal Of Social Psychology,” on average, it takes more than 2 months before a new behaviour becomes automatic — 66 days to be exact.”

Since I wasn’t working consistently on my blogs, how was I expecting results out of it? If I can’t be regular with my blogging, then how do I expect my audience to visit my site regularly? That’s fair, I guess.

How Consistency In Blogging Matters Above All?

Every time you see a blogger who is more powerful than you in terms of audience, fan following on social network, no. of blogs on their website and bank balance, you start doing the math on what strategies they developed, what funnels they build and how you can walk in those same shoes?

STOP, because those strategies and funnel didn’t take them where they are today! It was their consistency. 

You can outperform even the finest of competitors not with your skills, contacts, network or money but “consistency.”

As Benjamin Hardy said, “Consistency is the most fundamental virtue to becoming the person you want to be.”

Let’s take an instance where I can prove it to you how consistency can rule the roost against money, skills or network. I will take the most relatable example of weight loss through the gym, as a sedentary lifestyle is raising concern.

We all are health conscious and wish to remain in shape, but even after taking a one-year membership and investing 25k/month in most popular gym chain won’t guarantee weight loss. Your skills can help in knowing the machines better, but what is the key here? It is you going to the gym every day and following a diet recommended by your trainer every day. Until and unless you do this, you will get no results. In the famous pictures tweeted by gym chains of “before/after” you will always be “before” (Are you laughing too? Yeah, I am)

Coming back to blogging!

Give me a shout out in comments, if you love the work of Neil Patel. I am a big fan of his. Firstly, I love the way he explains his concepts and keeps the reader engaged throughout his blogs. Secondly, he has been a consistent blogger for almost a decade. Phew!

Whether it’s a new tool in the market or a change in SEO, he has never missed out on feeding his audience with new information for the past 10 years. And the traffic that he gets on his website is far beyond our imagination. Many more successful bloggers are doing great and earning in 6 figures every month, but I personally love Neil Patel’s style and find him very inspiring. 

How about you? Is there a blogger that you follow? If you don’t have one, then I would suggest finding a person who inspires you. It will motivate you to chase your goals. 

Hope, by now, you understand, why Blogging consistency matters and why it is one of the essential elements to be successful.

How My Blogging Routine Is A Guide To Your Blogging Consistency?

If you often think about “How do I consistently produce and post quality content to my blog?” then my answer is by setting up a blogging routine.

I’m not going to write what you should do and what sequence you must follow. Instead, I am going to share my blogging routine with you. Go through what I do & how I keep up then experiment and find a process that works for you. It can possibly be similar, or you can probably have a customized routine as per your goals.

Let’s begin!

1. Loving My work

I am sure the point is self-explanatory, but I love storytelling. So bear with me.

I recently read the book “The subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck” and loved an instance from one of the chapters. It stated “If at gunpoint you were asked to run 10kms then you will run for your life even though it will leave you exhausted, frustrated and probably in anger. But if the same 10 km you cover in a marathon after practising it with a trainer and motivating yourself every day and imagining hundreds of people cheering for you, you will feel rewarded and successful.

This is the difference between willingness and doing a task under pressure.

I love writing new stuff, reading and educating myself every day. I keep myself updated on tools and resources and still attend webinars, read books and buy relevant courses online form big influencers to be on track. My blogging consistency is directly proportional to my deep interest in blogging

Suggestion: Make sure you love blogging before you start a blog site.

2. Coming up with Blog Ideas

You have to feed your blogging site with new and relevant topics to keep the momentum going both for you and your readers. Any disconnect will result in the interest of both.

Now feeding doesn’t mean writing basic. You need to know what people want to read. 

“Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.” – Brian Clark

Thus you need to figure out new ideas every single day that your readers will read. It is not very difficult to find. I know my audience, and therefore I keep checking Quora to find what challenges people are facing in terms of blogging then I try to address them through blogging. There are few other websites where you can know what users are searching on Google. 

Once, I finalize the blog topics; I do check the keywords for competition and pick those with medium competition. It’s my personal choice, but you can tweak it if you wish to do it differently.

3. Time Management For Blogging

Since I do multi-tasking, I make sure I have enough time for blogging. With topics and research at hand, all I need now is to find time to write them in the most engaging form. It takes me a while as I prefer blogs with 1500+ word length. 

I have, in fact, written blogs up to 5000 words. It took me three weeks because it was supported with 43 pictures and way too many references. It was about “How to Start A Your Blog”You can read it too if you want to learn how to set up a blogging site. 

Coming back to management. I usually start by jotting down my timeline and the tasks against it. If I have to produce 10 blogs in one month with a word length of 2000, then I need to accommodate them with my YouTube channel & Podcast scripting and recording, which also has weekly postings. Creating content takes time, and it has to be unique even if I repurpose it. Also, I create content to post daily on social media. Oh boy! 

Just by writing on my laptop the detail of every hour from Morning 9 am to evening 7 am, I find available slots for blogging which is again for my mainstream platform and has to be executed perfectly. (Yeah, Virgo’s are obsessed with perfection). This strategy helps me a lot. 

Now you might be a working professional who can work only after 6 or a homemaker with a fix 3-hours/day commitments. You can even be a student, a retired army officer or anyone who wants to blog. You have to make your timelines and see which hours work for you.

Also, let me clear the air by telling you that there are no defined hours for the best outcome. It all depends on your time availability. So, whether you blog during day/night or on weekdays/weekends, it is all about working towards your goal by choosing the best timeline available to you.

Suggestion: Make your timeline and find the hours you can dedicate to your blogging. I’m sure you will be surprised.

4. Write. Write. And Write

When I sit down and start writing, I make sure I have all the elements I need, i.e. my research, my focus and my dedication for the next 60-90 minutes. I allow nothing to distract me. Once I start, I only finish when I have my first draft ready. Of course, then I take some break, read it again (no one is a pro to get everything right in the first attempt) after some time and then check for grammar, plagiarism and make necessary changes.

What’s most important is not to leave anything for the next sitting. What I make sure is that from starting a blog till the first draft, I complete my write up in one go. 

I Implement my findings, stories, and create a beautiful masterpiece for my audience in the hope that they will find it useful. 

The reason I avoid too many revisions or repetitions is that it will only leave me confused. Also, it will stop me from moving on to the next blog or even make me miss out on my monthly goals.

Suggestion: You have to be consistent with your execution. Try making small goals at first such two blogs a week with fewer words then move on to bigger goals (in-depth articles supported by multi-formats such as graphs, tables, images, quotes, statistics etc.) 

5. Following My Monthly Blogging Calendar

A blogging calendar is no special calendar but just an excel sheet that has 30 days. Based on the no. of the blog I wish to post in a month, I assign a date to it. Then I set up a reminder that helps me in remembering the publish date is approaching. It keeps my goals at eye level. Ever since I have started working as per my blogging calendar, I have found that my blogging consistency has gone up. I hardly miss on my publish dates ever. 

Suggestions: Make a simple calendar from the very 1st day you decide to blog. 

After reading my blogging routine, adopt whatever resonates with you. Now, since I’m very happy that I can finally inspire more people for blogging consistency, I would like to go ahead and share a bonus tip. 

Well, I won’t say I’m going to reveal my secret or unleash the tricks or tips because I feel we are a community and we are suppose to watch out for each other and help in any way that we can. Therefore, I don’t want to keep any of my working processes a secret. I would love to share as much as possible.

So, here we go!

Bonus Tip: How To Blog Consistently?

I have a special blogging exercise that I recommend to all my followers. But this can be applied only once you have certain experience in blogging. That’s why I didn’t mention at the start.

If you follow this tip, I can assure you that you will never feel lost. 

Make an excel sheet and write the name of your top 5 audiences that meet your buyer persona. Suppose if you are an expert blogger who teaches through your special Blogging course. So your audience would be:

1. Aspiring bloggers 

2. People looking to switch from job to online business 

3. People who love writing but have no idea they can make a blog and earn 

4. Homemakers or mothers looking for an online business idea

5. People interested in personal branding

Now in rows, you write five 5 challenges faced by each audience.

I will take one instance to show how you can convert challenges into topics.

Selecting one audience from above “Aspiring Bloggers.”

They would have the following challenges:

How to set up a blog from start to finish?

What tools do they need to keep a check on their blog progress?

How often they need to blog to get regular visitors on site?

How can they convert it into a viable business?

What is the best way to set up the distribution for their blog?

If you do the same for all 5 audiences, then you will have 25 topics in hand. The more clarity you have about your audience, the more consistent you would become. 

Do execute this strategy and tell me if this helped you in gaining consistency? 

No One Said Consistency Is Easy To Achieve

I loved a post I came by a few days ago which said” Neither it was Apple nor Pixar that made Steve Jobs rich. Instead, he became rich by doing what he loved and building his dreams every day.” 

Now we know why we need to achieve consistency in blogging.

Too many things can break your consistency. It could be an urgent work, a vacation, a work/family commitment, lack of interest & time or even excuses. 

If something at a personal level is blocking your blogging consistency, then all you can do is introspect and remember why you started in the first place? 

In case, a professional hurdle is affecting your focus, dedication, and commitment etc. and leaving you with nothing but stress. The best is to resolve your issue and gradually adopt the blogging routine.

Tell me how you worked your way up to consistency in the comments below and share this article with bloggers in your network!

Good Luck To All!