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Grammarly Review: Is it the best Grammar Checker for Bloggers?

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“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit”- Richard Bach

I was an amateur once. So I can relate to a lot of beginners who love writing but are clueless about how to craft that perfect article. But the passion in me helped me improve every day. I expanded my knowledge and watched and read hundreds of reviews about different grammar editing tools and used quite some of them to polish my work.

Today, as an experienced writer, I am aware of what a human editor can bring to the table. Still, I use the Grammarly tool to get an extra edge before I submit my work to a client or post an article on the web.

Though, I’m sure I have a decent enough command on English and grammar rules already; it’s astounding how grammatical mistakes can find a way to crawl into anybody’s writing. 

So, let me answer some of the important questions such as what is Grammarly? Is it worth to use it? And, would it be able to replace the requirement for an editor or human proofreader? Etc.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly dashboard
Grammarly Dashboard

Grammarly, powered by AI, is an online grammar editor that checks an article or a post for common or next level writing issues. The platform was established in 2008. The tool is impactful when it comes to checking basic grammar such as placement of articles, use of the subject-verb agreement, spelling errors (both phonetic & contextual), verb conjugation usage, etc. 

The writing was always a hobby when I started but slowly my work caught the attention of many. I was approached by different individuals to freelance with them for content projects. Thus, I started researching tools that could improve my writing. I looked up online for the best grammar checker for the bloggers to dispose of embarrassing mistakes and became determined to make the write-up simpler for the target audience.

I came to know about Grammarly, during one such search, and I have been utilizing it since then. Today, I have collaborated with many individuals for their content requirements.

What Is Grammarly Used For And Who Can Use It? 

The Grammarly tool is a software that indicates basic and advanced grammar errors in your articles and provides real-time suggestions to correct it. 

Due to its high level of accuracy and easy to use features, Forbes named Grammarly as “the leader of the pack.”

As per Mashable, “Grammarly has 6.9 million daily active users”

With its features, user-friendliness, easy access, and accuracy which is profoundly rated by experts, there is a reason why Grammarly has become the go-to-writing, and proofreading tool endorsed even among journalists.

As per usage, the tool is extremely simple to operate. A wide range of audiences can use it.

Here’s what the co-founder of Grammarly Mx Lytvyn has to say about the Grammarly audience, “We released our first (Grammarly) product and clearly thought that language-learners and students were our first customers. But then we saw that there were much more diverse users: journalists, salespeople, consultants, government and technical/medical writers…..It was a magical experience, to see how excited our users were.“

Here are some that can benefit the most out of Grammarly tool:

  1. Students (working on an academic assignment or doing freelance gigs on writing.)
  2. Bloggers (Beginner & Professionals)
  3. Copywriters 
  4. Business professionals (who need to draft an accurate report, email, or presentation)
  5. Authors (working on Books/EBooks)
  6. Freelance writers (Attempting different forms of writing)
  7. Content Marketers 
  8. Social Media Professionals 
  9. Editors/ Proofreaders (for emails/ newsletters/ online& offline news)

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How Grammarly Works?

Once you add Grammarly extension to your browser or download it or enable it on your device, you are all set to go. Its AI system automatically examines your content and flags the words, sentences or phrases that need revision or improvement.

The sentences, words or areas that need improvement are easy to spot with the yellow and red underlines denoting the words or phrases that are either off the base or can be improved. Yellow underlines mark the issues that need advanced features accessible only in Premium and Business accounts.

Apart from it, Grammarly additionally offers suggestions on better word choices, sentence development, and so forth; depending upon the account type you have, thus refining your content’s quality while showing you how to improve your writing skills.

Whether you are a professional writer, amateur, non-native English speaker or a skilled communicator, Grammarly caters to you. It enables you to customize your account as per your level of writing skills, the kind of work you do, and your experience.

By taking advantage of Grammarly account customizations, you can tailor your Grammarly account to how it can function the best for you dependent on your write-ups.

The Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly plagiarism checker

If you are the blogger who accepts guest posts or hire content writers to write articles or blog, you have to make sure the article is not copied from elsewhere.

Grammarly plagiarism checker can be used in such cases. It will not only check your article in question for any grammatical errors, but it will also check your text against billions of web pages to find if the blog is plagiarism free or copied from somewhere.

If any plagiarism is detected, it will provide you with the link to that original website so that you can find it yourself and inform your content writer or guest author about the same.

Is Grammarly Easy To use?

The Grammarly App review won’t be complete until we review the various ways in which you can use this best grammar checker for bloggers:

First things first, you must register the free account to avail Grammarly services.

You can sign up for Grammarly free application here and see all its features that we will discuss in this blog.

You can also upgrade the account later if you wish to go for its premium versions. Once you create and verify your Grammarly account, it can be used in 4 different ways both for premium as well as a free account.

 1.Browser Extension

Grammarly browser extension
Source: Help Docs (Grammarly Extension)

According to Product Habits, “Grammarly chrome extension was downloaded 10 million times.”

An ideal approach to use Grammarly is generally through Grammarly Browser Extension. The extension is accessible just for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox as of now. 

When you install the Grammarly Chrome extension, Grammarly will check your spelling, grammar and punctuation as you type on mostly every website including Yahoo, Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, Blogger, and so forth. 

2. Grammarly Online App

Grammarly online app
Online App For Grammarly

It has an online application where you can straightforwardly type your content, or you can simply upload or copy-paste your documents for proofreading. This application is particularly useful if you need to proofread the content to be posted on the websites not supported by the browser extension. 

 3. Windows Office Add-In

Source: Softpedia.com

Proofread your written content using Grammarly editing-tool directly on your MS Word Document. By installing Grammarly Windows Add-In, you can check your content’s spelling, grammar, structure, punctuation and writing style without copy and paste your content or uploading your file to Grammarly Editor.

 4. Grammarly Desktop App For Mac And Windows

Grammarly desktop app
Grammarly Desktop apps

Aside from the browser extension, Grammarly has a local application for Windows and Mac. For using it, you only need to drag and drop the document into the app. 

5. Google Doc Extension

Grammarly extension for Google docs

Grammarly a little while back has collaborated with Google Docs to ensure that your writing will stay professional and blunder free in any event, when you are using this online document application. This Grammarly feature, however, is still in beta stage and, as indicated by Digital Trends, will only be accessible to Google Chrome users through Grammarly browser extension until further notice.

How much does Grammarly cost? 

Grammarly Plans

Grammarly is a go-to tool for content creators that come in three versions.

Free Account

Firstly, there’s a free version, which contributes to basic writing corrections. Being a free version, the tool offers only limited features to its users such as correction of grammar, punctuations, spellings, wordiness and tone detection. Only a single user can use the account. Though all the Grammarly core features such as MS office add-in, AI system for correction and GDPR & Privacy compliant is available.

Premium Account

Premium account is ideal for users who use grammar checkers broadly for individual and work purposes. Upgrading your Grammarly account to Premium opens your access to a vast number of cutting edge features and tools, including the following features:

Key Features

  • Improve writing style consistency
  • Identify overused words and suggest their synonyms
  • Effective word choice recommendation
  • Eliminate overused or unnecessary words or phrases
  • Flags insensitive, impolite and improper language to make that tone of your content writing is professional, respectful, and polite.
  • Assures you that the content you are writing or editing is 100% unique.


  1. Monthly — $29.95
  2. Quarterly — $59.95
  3. Annually — $139.95

Grammarly Business Account

Image result for grammarly business plan
Source: G2.com

Grammarly Business account is made for a group of 3 to 100 individuals. It has every one of the features that are included in the Premium Grammarly account, however, the key highlights are few tools that help monitor and deal with the team’s usage performance and statistics

Key Features

  • The individual account for each colleague that offers access to personal document, dictionary, and dashboard.
  • Dedicated account manager to deal with the accounts and assignments of every user.
  • Easy monitoring of engagement and statistics within the group.
  • Centralized billing

When reaching email support, business accounts are treated as a priority when contacting email support. A in this way bypasses the line for individual accounts (free and premium).

A business account is usually billed monthly and relies upon the number of team members. Teams with over 100 members must contact Help Center first before joining or upgrading to a business account.

Plans: Monthly — $15/team member

Grammarly Free Vs. Premium Vs. Business: Which One To Choose?

So, here the question comes, which plan should you choose?

This decision must solely lie on the kind of work you do. A free version of Grammarly is good if you wish to try and test the features of the tool. Once you see the difference you can decide between premium & business account.

If you are a blogger, a copywriter or in some other profession that involves writing content, I will highly recommend moving up to the premium account. It will assist you in delivering professional results.

Grammarly Business enables over 10,000 groups to improve their communication at work. Grammarly Business offers nitty-gritty, real-time suggestions to help improve word decision, refine tone, make sentences more transparent, and fix linguistic errors.

With a centralized managerial dashboard, group leads can quickly deal with their membership and track group performance. 

How Accurate Grammarly Is and How Can It Help Writers? 

An incredible feature of this free writing assistant is that it goes through the posts thoroughly to check particular spelling, punctuation or sentence construction (active/passive, tense). I recognize what my mistakes are, and also understand why these are errors? I accept this is significant because it is this ‘understanding’ that helps me become a polished writer. 

Grammarly for bloggers or writers is the right decision irrespective of whether they go for a Free or Premium version. It is a tool that can be used by beginners, professionals, experts and anyone who is attempting to write. 

Grammarly Vs. Human Proofreader

Here is the most talked-about instance for Grammarly: “Can Grammarly Replace A Human Proofreader?”

My response to that question is negative. I feel, regardless of how much technology one uses; you can’t replace the brain of a person. If you are a writer who needs to get your book published, you can use Grammarly to limit your errors though you should hire an editor/proofreader before sending your work to the publication. 

Though, you can avail of this facility within Grammarly. Hiring human proofreaders is possible on the Grammarly platform. You can or must try it if you are writing a Whitepaper, Report or a Book. For individuals who are not much worried about fine-tuning output, Grammarly ends up being a less expensive option.

How Effective Is Grammarly For Proofreading English?

Is Grammarly worth it? Here’s a counter query, how would you judge the worth of the proofreading tool. If you are just like me, you won’t consider it as the end of your proofreading efforts. However, there is no uncertainty it works superbly. Here’s what I suggest. Start with the free version of Grammarly and afterward proceed to the Premium version.

Should You Get Grammarly Premium?

For me, Grammarly Premium is the best grammar checker for bloggers. There are several reasons for that. While the free version of Grammarly App is a valuable and superior tool for your write-ups and recognizes undeniably more grammar and spelling mistakes than your regular free checker the premium version has far more greater benefits to offer. 

In case you’re a writer who is not looking to invest in a paid tool yet, simply go for Grammarly download and test its free version. However, its premium version is superior because it recognizes more grammar, active/passive tense and spelling issues in your write-ups. 

You’ll likewise get tips to improve your writing style and context/feedback behind your errors. It also indicates the tone of your write-up, which is significant in many ways. You can also check your article for plagiarism to see the uniqueness of your article. I pay for the premium Grammarly business version to avail extra Grammarly features.

In short: If you wish to pursue writing as a career, Grammarly Premium is unquestionably worth it.

Some Frequently Asked Questions on Grammarly

a. Does Grammarly Work With MS Word and Google Docs? 

Yes, you can use Grammarly Office Add-In to work with MS Word documents. On the other hand, for Google Docs you need to have a chrome browser with Grammarly extension. For non-chrome users, you can directly check docs in the online Grammarly account.

b. Can we check plagiarism with Grammarly free version?

No, you cannot check plagiarism with Grammarly free version. This feature is available only in premium and business versions.

c. Is it possible to upgrade Grammarly free version to the premium version after using the free version once?

Yes, you can easily upgrade from a free version to a premium version. 

d. Can I use the free Grammarly version for a lifetime without switching to a premium version?

Indeed, the Grammarly free version can easily be used for a lifetime. You can use it without paying a single penny.

e. Is it possible to work offline with Grammarly? 

No, Grammarly is an Online Tool that requires an Internet connection to check your write-up for errors. Without an Internet connection, you won’t be able to use the Grammarly Plagiarism Detector feature in the premium version. So, to work with Grammarly, you must have a working Internet connection.

Conclusion: My Take On Grammarly 

So here’s my take on the Grammarly tool. I hope it has answered all the questions and cleared almost all its features. I use this tool extensively for all my content & blogging projects. Though it gives an edge to every write-up it is not perfect and will never be able to replace an expert human proofreader. However, it works superbly for what it’s designed to do. 

If you ask, is it worth using it? 

I think Grammarly can be an incredible tool for any writer, be it a beginner or professional. 

If you need to give an additional layer of checks to your write-ups, or you need to improve your writing by becoming aware of issues that weaken it, Grammarly tool is well worth getting. Share in the comments below, which is your favorite Grammar Tool?

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