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Keep Calm & Fight The CoronaVirus With This Blogging Routine

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Coronavirus is making headlines and everyone has heard it by now.

While some countries are going through serious quarantine others are taking precautions to stop the COVID-19 from spreading. Sadly, many cases have been registered so far and some have even passed away.

The government has locked down the cities, states and even the borders of the country but this measure has taken a great toll on businesses. Now, most people are either working from home or house arrest.

What you & I have seen in movies where cities go silent when a villain attacks, is happening for real. But I always believe that hard times always have a positive edge to it too.

Don’t let the coronavirus affect you both physically & mentally. We need to be aware but at the same time continue with being productive.

Here’s How I’m Fighting Corona Virus With My New Blogging Routine?

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Last week was all about work from home. Social distancing was a necessary precaution so I avoided going to any public places and decided to utilize my time by increasing my output.

Here is a list of things I did extra ever since Corona Virus hit my life:

  • I decided to pick up a book and read it. I usually don’t get time amidst my blog and projects that I work on but that extra time helped me with extra reading time.
  • Took more projects for my team. (My team and I provide content writing services to individuals & businesses). Yes, even in these times when businesses have slowed down, I’m still approached for writing website content and affiliate article writing services.
  • I was able to optimize my Pinterest more. I have joined the email list of a few bloggers who now share their Pinterest strategies and tools. Also, I get access to their resources and free Pinterest templates that work. In my free time, I was able to explore and read more about Why Pinterest is great for bloggers? (Haven’t checked my Pinterest Boards on Blogging yet? Check it out now!)
  • If you are a regular visitor, you must know by now that I run an interview series on my blog where I reach out to successful bloggers and community owners and invite them for a short blog interview. With more time in hand, I get to read more profiles and research about bloggers who are making it big on an international scale. (Here is the link of the latest interview blog).
  • I got a chance to explore and implement new tools. The tool I started using last week is Tailwind. It did take away the stress of uploading pins and figuring out the right time for posting new pins. It automatically sets the number of pins to be posted and per day along with the best time and you can do schedule it for a month. I’m taking a free trial as of now for the month of March. If my Google Analytics shows good traffic from Pinterest then I may soon look for a paid version of it.
  • I read emails from all the influencers I follow. Don’t you feel even a little curious about what these marketers have to say? How they connect a trend with their profession. I mean I love it when they use a storytelling format and find a way to sell their product without even letting their users know. I think it’s a skill and I want to read such content all the time. This is the reason I love reading Russell Brunson’s Book. (If you haven’t read any of his books, please order them today.
  • I spend more time on self-learning. When I was young, my mother used to check my school diary and tell me what I need to learn for my upcoming tests. She is an educated working professional who always taught me the value of education and to this day I’m thankful to her in every way. But as I moved forward in life, I need some inspiration to keep my self-learning going. This is a valuable investment of time that everyone should understand. Go and learn a tool, join a course, do a new activity just to see how it works, start a blog, make a website, write an article, design an image on Canva. Use this time to learn a new skill.
  • Working on building new blogging resources. Last week I made and designed a checklist and spoke to a few people on my Instagram DM as to what troubles they face while starting a blog. This interaction was important. Some were finding it hard to choose a domain or hosting provider while others couldn’t figure out “how to choose a niche”. Now my new resources and even blogs can be cover these topics. Also, I can answer these questions on Quora so that more people can benefit from that. I usually help new bloggers by providing the link to my detailed guide “Launch Your Blog” (This is a 5000-word article that covers all the essential steps to start a blog)
  • Last but not the least, I’m not acting like this is not serious. It’s a pandemic disease and I’m following the instructions given by the doctors. I’m trying to read how this virus works, what was the origination of the coronavirus and how I can protect myself from it from reliable resources. If you want to know more about it, watch this video from The Guardian.

You are more than welcome to try some of my methods and see if this is helping to take your mind off the fear. I guess until further notice from the government, you & I have to figure out how we want to act in these difficult times.

Bring a change in your blogging routine and see if this extra time is giving you an increased output?

Why You Should Win This Fight Against Corona Virus? 

The first reports on the coronavirus (COVID-19) were heard on December 31st. Ever since the government is taking measures to contain it and end it as soon as possible.

I believe the fight against this virus is to be aware of Do’s and Don’ts. The china-coronavirus outbreak has now become a global health emergency but a different mindset can help all of us fight against this pandemic disease.

The question is “Will you succumb to fear and sit in despair complaining about why this happened or act smart and save your loved ones and yourself by doing what’s right?”

Here is the government support and helpline number in case you need more information on coronavirus or wish to reach out for help.

Leave in the comments below, what measures you are taking to deal with COVID-19?

Stay safe and act wisely!

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