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Earn Money Online In 2020: A Comprehensive Guide

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“How to earn money online?” is probably the most frequently asked question. 

From youth and homemakers to students and job seekers, everyone is looking for the magical answer to this question. 

Sometimes, I wish that if only the spells from the world of “Harry Potter” could have worked for us. But sadly, we all are muggles, and we’ve got to struggle. When I say struggle, it means, we need to put in hard work, conviction and give our earnest efforts to earn money online. 

If you are a digital marketer or a blogger like me, then even you would agree that friends and relatives have been approaching you for quite some time now to know the trick that works behind it. 

Surprisingly, some people have even confronted me saying that “people can’t earn online, it’s all a scam”. Has anybody walked up to you and said the same thing? 

Forget about convincing friends and relatives; even my parents took a while to accept that I could earn money online by sitting all day glued to my laptop without doing a 9-5 schedule. 

So, enough of jibber-jabber let me come back to the main question and address a few other related queries that surround it. My colleagues, acquaintances and friends have asked me, “Can we really earn online?”, “It is possible to earn a decent amount just by working online”, “ Are you sure there is no scamming behind it?”. Well, with veritable confidence and experience, I can finally say, “Yes.”

Unfolding Top 10 Opportunities And Finally Answering “ How To Earn Money Online?”

However unbelievable it might sound, there are indeed many opportunities online that can help you earn right from a small amount to 5 figures depending upon the time you can contribute and the goal of course. 

Here’s a list of total 10 online opportunities that are divided into three segments based on their difficulty level. While some online activities are plain sailing, others might demand a certain skill set. So, let’s together unfold each opportunity one by one.

Segment I- Execute Simple, Earn Easy!

This is the first segment where any person who has Internet access and basic computer operating skills can perform the three listed activities below and fill their pockets decently:

1. Explore Opportunity With PTC Sites

PTC or Paid To Click sites are good for starters. If you are a student or a homemaker looking for small or some extra cash, then these sites will serve you well. You can earn money online by investing around 45 minutes to one hour every day by answering a few surveys or clicking on advertisements. You are paid for your clicks. 

Things you need: A system (laptop/Desktop), an active Internet connection and basic knowledge of how to make your account on PTC sites by filling out basic information.

Some popular PTC sites: ClixSense, NeoBux, PrizeRebel, Paidverts, InboxDollar

Note: Working on these sites involves no investment of money from the user end. Also, you might find the process very slow.

2. Make Money With GPT Sites

GPT or (Get Paid To) sites are platforms where you get paid for executing a site such as read email, complete an offer/survey or click on an Ad. 

People who are located in two-tier or three-tier cities can surely leverage the GPT and PTC sites to earn money from home. Also, students can invest some minutes to an hour every day to make easy money.

Things you need: The requirements are the same as PTC sites.

Note: You must have a functional bank account or a PayPal account to receive your payments. 

Trusted GPT sites: Swagbucks, CashCrate, Treasure Trooper, Points2Shop, Get Paid

(PTC and GPT sites can give you an early glimpse and taste of what online success taste likes. Take my word for it!)

3. Perform Captcha Solving Tasks

Captcha solving tasks is a bit exhausting way of earning money where you have to make an account on one of these sites and solve nearly 1000 captchas per assignment to earn a few dollars. Now, the payments are similar to GPT and PTC sites, but it gets boring after a certain time. 

Things You Need: Learn to read Captcha Codes perfectly, a working system and Internet settings. (No investment required from the user)

Popular Captcha Solving Sites: Kolotibablo, MegaTypers, CaptchaTypers, ProTypers, Captcha2Cash

(If you think that you have a better understanding of digital platforms I would suggest you should opt the very next option in the list.)

Segment II- Earn money online with specific skill sets 

This segment states three online earning options (4,5,6), which are not as simple and easy as GPT or Captcha solving but needs a little more efforts, implementation and execution.

 The user needs to be a bit educated and well informed about current trends and keep polishing their skill set to perform better and eventually earn online.  

4. Begin Your Journey As A Freelancer

If you have a unique skill, then it’s always advisable to put it out there and earn by providing as a service to others who need it. Freelance has the humungous scope, and I can vouch for it.  

I worked as a Content Strategist for many companies where I wrote content for blogs, social media, websites, courses, emails, Quora answers (yes, you read that right), Playstore, mobile app, corporate presentations etc. The list is just endless. After delivering a few projects, I used them as a sample to share it with others. And before I could realize, I kept building my client list just with my content writing skill.

Also, there is no fixed criterion as up to how much can you charge your client. To be honest, that’s the beauty of it. If a client praises your work, then they might not look for any industry standards and pay what you deserve. 

This happened because you convinced them of your quality work. So, if you have a skill, now is the perfect time to market because digital is booming and geography is no more a limitation.

You can freelance in any domain that interests you, i.e. content writer, graphic designer, social media manager, web developer, SEO specialist etc. 

Things you need: Find your skill, build an online presence for authenticity where people can connect with you (Facebook/Instagram account are popular choices currently) and a few marketing skills to market your self.

Best sites for freelance opportunity: Upwork, People Per Hour, Freelancer.

If you ask my recommendation for getting freelance work, it’s leveraging Facebook & LinkedIn groups and hard-core networking. (Get your visiting card printed and see the opportunities coming your way) 

5. Start as a YouTuber

While I was travelling to Shanghai last year, I met a YouTuber in flight who was shooting an end sequence for his Vblog. Since the journey was long, and my inquisitiveness kicked in, I started interacting with him.

 I got to know how YouTube pays differently in different countries (he was from Chicago) and the kind of equipment’s you need for shooting a Vlog. 

What surprised me the most were his earnings from YouTube. Then and there, I decided that I would surely begin a channel someday of my own and share my knowledge with other digital marketing aspirants. (Sadly, I still haven’t found time for it.)

Well, both statistics and my experience say that video content is finding a lot more users then written content. So, if cameras excite you, becoming a YouTuber is the most fun activity. You can pick different topics of a particular niche that are currently trending and make a vlog out of it. 

Now, this activity involves your extensive time investment and a fixed schedule of how many videos you will produce in a week. Also, you might need knowledge of different editing apps and platforms. Once you start getting traffic, update your equipment’s such as camera, microphone, tripods etc. to produce better video quality.

If your channel can drive good traffic, you can also tie-up with brands and promote their products and services or get sponsorships from them. 

Things You Need: A YouTube Channel, Editing software’s, Equipment’s

Some Popular YouTube channels: Technical Guruji, MSK Vlogs, and Mumbaikar Nikhil etc. are very popular stand-alone YouTubers and have millions of fan following. Today, they are into full-time Vlogging and earn in good figures.  

6. Be An Accomplished Blogger/ AdSense Network

People mostly think that becoming a blogger means setting up your blogging website, posting blogs, and driving traffic on-site to get AdSense approved. That’s all correct but also just one aspect of blogging. 

You can become a hard-core blogger and earn through AdSense, but there’s another side to it. Client blogging. In this, you tie up with digital marketing agencies or individuals and blog for them. You can earn really good money. This may include doing high-end blogging for a known company or personality. But yes, you may not get recognition for writing that piece of content. 

I started blogging for my clients quite sometime back. Today, I’m finally blogging for my own site speaking directly to my audience with complete ownership. To be honest, I love blogging because I like sitting in coffee shops where I can pen down my thoughts and experience (I’m writing this piece right now at a Starbucks near my place). 

If you do not know me well, here’s a fun fact about me. Starbucks and other coffee joints have been my workplace where I produced innumerable content for different segments, niches and clients etc. 

Things You need: Blogging Skills, website management skills (you can outsource it too)

Popular Personal Blogging Sites: NeilPatel.com, RussellBrunson.com

Segment III- Achieve 6 figures in your bank account with the advance skillset

This is the most intriguing segment because we have listed four options (7,8,9,10) that have worked for many, and the achievers are now celebrities among their followers. Some even have gained global recognition.

Caution: This segment has no success formula so don’t be tempted too much by the kind of money you can make with these because the options we are about to unfold are not just everyone’s cup of tea. 

It needs rigorous hard work, extensive working hours and technical knowledge. You might have to join a few courses even before you can take an attempt on these. 

So are you ready to read the last set? Here we go!

7. Earn Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing works well for those who are technically sound when it comes to creating funnels, landing pages, analyzing and tracking results through Google Analytics etc. If you do not know how funnels work or Google Analytics function, I would recommend that you shouldn’t go down this road so quickly. Learn these platforms one by one.

Affiliate sites need a lot of work, but the scope is humungous as online shopping is a real buzz right now and is surely going to boom even in the years to come. 

You can sign up with different merchants based on your niche and interest and eventually promote their products to earn a commission. 

Popular Affiliate Merchants: Flipkart, Clickbank, Amazon 

8. Earn Intellectually With Domain Trading

A few of the people in my network have invested in domain trading. It comes under a high-profit business where you identify and purchase domains that might be of great value in the coming future. 

Once you have a domain that another user is looking for, you can quote the price for selling. There is no fixed standard for it. You can auction your domain too on different sites to get a return on investment.

But you should opt for this option only if you have adequate knowledge of how this industry works else your investment might not give returns. You can probably learn from other experts before investing. 

Things You Need: An eye for detail, industry knowledge, technical skills

Popular Times For Domain Purchase: GoDaddy, Namecheap, BlueHost, HostGator, Register, 1& 1.

9. Provide Online Training & Consultation

If you are a learned professional who can now tame the two beasts called the “Internet & Digital” then its time you share your subject matter knowledge to others too using online platforms. Mastering a particular niche is always a great asset and can be leveraged in numerous ways.

You can conduct online workshops and training either alone or in association or partnerships, which can be profitable. This is my friend is the best way to earn money online.

The amazing part about having mastered a skill is consulting others. You can act as an online mentor/consultant for many startups and small-sized business who are looking to grow and establish in the market. 

I would suggest that if this idea resonates with you and you can see your future in it, then you must start working on your personality and most importantly focus on developing yourself as a brand so that you can sell your skill in a much convincing way.

Not to forget, you can also explore the arena of conducting webinars and charge a minimal cost per participant for a one-hour session. The scope is just endless here once get enough recognition from your audience.

I have personally arranged many online workshops for my audience, which usually cover two areas: “Blogging and how to begin as a freelancer?” I got a humungous response, and I made sure that every session is chargeable so that it serves two purposes. Firstly, the only interested audience will stop by, and your crowd will be a targeted one. Secondly, never sell your skill or knowledge for free. Let people value you and your efforts.

(Would you guys want me to set up a blogging workshop? Let me know in the comments)

10. Earn Money Online By Being A Course Creator

I follow a digital marketer from Chandigarh “Pulkit Rastogi” who sells his course online. I have attended all his free training and love his article writing skills. 

I like to follow people who are currently learning & executing and selling it simultaneously than walking in the shoes of accomplished course creators. 

All I’m saying is “If you admire the work of another trainer, you can follow their process, to begin with.” 

Course creation is certainly catching more eyeballs than ever. More and more online marketers are now coming forward to create and sell courses based on their experience. 

It could be on complete digital marketing or a particular segment. You can charge anything, and there is surely no limit to it as people are paying for your knowledge. 

Course creation involves profound experience in the subject matter. Also, you need to understand the flow, your audience and content quality before selling. Anything that is mediocre might fail, and you may stay on the runway forever instead of flying. 

Watch other course creators and learn the sequence from them. Also, you might have to learn the platforms on which you will host your courses. You will have to record videos of your own rather than relying simply on on-screen recordings, and audio to make a connect with your audience and of course make the course less robotic.

You can get your audience work with you on mid-ticket to the high-ticket client to help them gain exposure. This will prepare good reviews and testimonials for your course.

Things you need to know: Working knowledge of the industry and hosting platforms

Popular course creation sites: Thinkific, Teachable, LearnWorlds

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Before Saying GoodBye

So, now we come to an end. Earlier, I was kidding when I said there is no magic that works behind “earning money online”. There is. And we all know it but just don’t give value to it. 

Any Guesses?

It’s the “FOCUS & EXECUTION”. The magic that doesn’t exist in a fictional world but has everything to do with reality.

If you wish to earn money and have focus with you, then nothing can stop you from achieving success. Go ahead, pick & execute one of the opportunities and give a consistent effort for minimum 3-6 months to see it converting. 

Also, if you have already experimented or found success in one of the segments listed above, share your experience in the comments below!

Wishing you luck!