I have designed the content for “Blog Activity Planner” based on my experience. The planner is present on my website and can be bought using Insta mojo link.

This planner is designed for beginners who are just starting up or are in the starting phase. Since we are relying on Instamojo, there may be a possibility that you paid but didn’t get the product instantly. In such a case, you can email me back at sristhi@sristhiagarwal.com and we shall send you the product.

The purpose of creating this planner is solely education and through this product, bloggers can establish a working system. The author (Sristhi Agarwal) is offering this product based on personal experience 7 learning’s and the results are based on the buyer’s effort.

While the author has tried her best to help you in building a system through this activity planner, she doesn’t provide any guarantees and bear liabilities of any kind concerning accuracy and completeness of the content and especially disclaim any implied warranties of results for particular success.

The author (Sristhi Agarwal) shall not be held liable or responsible to any person/entity in case of any loss or damage caused or alleged to have been caused, directly or indirectly, by the information herein.

There is no refund policy for this planner. Once purchased, the money shall not be refunded. In case of query, kindly mail at sristhi@sristhiagarwal.com