Free Consultation

If you are a beginner then you can apply for my free consultation session on Sunday. You can mail me your query or drop your message on one of my social platforms. I shall get back to you at the earliest.


Note: Free consultation is only for beginners.


The Candidate can apply only once for free session. All queries will be answered through mails and messages only.


If your query is genuine and needs more answering that can help you get out of a situation then a video call can be arranged. (Mostly, if one simple solution from my end can help you take a big step)

Paid Consultation

This consultation will take place over a skype or Zoom session. It shall include a personal session where I shall be listening to your problem and will hand over a custom solution.


This paid consultation may take from few hours to a week in order to resolve an issue. The consultation is provided only in the following areas:

  • Setting Up a Blog platform on WordPress from scratch
  • Setting Up a fully functional social account for your brand with apt customization (Instagram/Facebook only)
  • Writing cold emails & practicing cold calls
  • Developing Content Strategy (monthly/quarterly)
  • Blogging Strategy (Monthly)
  • Social Media Strategy (Monthly)

I have worked with brand and collaborated with digital marketing agencies for content strategies.


I have tried to answer all the regular questions that might cross your mind while thinking of opting for my paid consultation. So, clear all out all your queries through the answers stated below. If there is still some concern, kindly share your query over an email.

You can elaborate on your immediate and long-term goals and I shall work on a checklist and recommend platforms that you need to use to achieve them. The strategy and suggestions will be based on your brand type and niche.

After the payment terms are clear, you can make the transfer and send me the receipt on info@sristhiagarwal.com. Immediately, after a transfer, a date and time shall be fixed and you shall be notified with rest of the details.

I shall get in touch with you either through a phone or a video call. Your preference will matter here.

You can relax yourself and let me do most of the work. I shall make your experience effortless. Just note down your query in one go what you want my help on. It is best that you record the call on your cell phone so that you don’t have to take notes. If not, then take notes.

My experience and strategies will save you from the endless hustle on Internet. My tried and tested platforms will save you from doing market intensive research. All you got to do is follow my footsteps and find the way for you in short span of time.

Yes, you will surely get another chance (free of cost). Client satisfaction is my top priority.

Generally calls may take from 45 mins to an hour. But time limitation is not what I am concerned with. You need to get value in return.

If your query is still not answered, please mail me your concern and I shall get back to you. State your objective clearly and reach me at info@sristhiagarwal.com