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Don’t Choose Blogging As A Career, Do This Instead!

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Blogging as a career should never be your preference, alone! From being just a hobby, blogging became a good part-time option for many and still, only a few people prefer doing it full-time.

But speaking from my personal experience, you must avoid just being a blogger. Instead, consider blogging as the foundation for your future growth. If you have a blog, many opportunities will line up. So start a blog and grow it at least for 6 months to a year. Once you start getting consistent traffic, think of expansion.

Don’t do everything at once because every step will demand you to learn a skillset. Try one thing at a time and start by building an email list so that once you decide to launch your products you will have a list of loyal audiences standing by you.

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Income Sources Emerging From Blogging

Blogging as a career will limit you and I’m sure caging is not what you love. So, it’s time you find other income streams that will branch out from blogging itself. Just consider blogging as the trunk of a tree and its branches as an opportunity web.

Besides AdSense, here are a few income streams that you can develop over the years:

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is popular among bloggers and a great income source for many online marketers. All you have to do is signup with an affiliate program and start promoting products that are related to your niche. You can check for the commission rates for different categories.

If you want you can reverse engineer the who process and start listing which categories offer maximum commission then work out on the same micro-niche and start your blog.

Once you know what you want to promote through the affiliate channel, you can focus on producing content that allows its promotion directly or indirectly.

Have you signed up with any of the affiliate networks yet? If not, start with Amazon and eventually move on to other top networks.

2. Paid Partnerships/ Collaborations

Paid partnerships and paid collaborations are a great way of earning quick money. It is at least faster than affiliate marketing and especially AdSense. All you have to do is join these Facebook groups where brands look for bloggers to promote their products. Make sure you have a good DA and no. of visitors per month and chances are you will start getting more and more business sideways.

Another way of doing paid collaborations is when you approach brands to promote their product or service. This situation is usually when you don’t have great numbers to show. So, approach mid-size or small-scale businesses and start writing to them how they can benefit from your blog.

3. Paid Articles

If other bloggers/marketers/businesses are looking to find their way in and are trying to get quality backlinks then I think you can make money out of it too. You can allow paid guest posting on your blog but make sure it is relevant to your niche. It is a win-win for both as the author gets a quality backlink and you, in turn, got some quick money for posting the article.

4. Selling Ad Space To Specific Businesses

It is not the easiest thing to do but once setup can do wonders. Yes, your blog needs a professional outlook and a great no. of visitors to make this work. Also, you need a space allocated suitable for placing an ad. So let your blog grow a bit old and invest yourself completely into driving traffic to your blog.

It will take sometime before someone notices your blog so don’t sit around and wait. If you think your blog is good for a business, start approaching them. Also, make sure it is relevant to your niche.

5. Sell Your Products

Make your products and start marketing them on social media. Yes, it could start with small e-books and checklists and can later move on to courses and other planners. If people like your work and you have more than an average following they will surely start purchasing your products.

To set up, you can go and create an online store on Instamojo!


Though, solely blogging as a career, is not a viable option, there is a lot you can do once you have a great blog. Your focus should always be on creating fab and unique content so that you have a regular readership. Once your traffic reaches an average, nothing can stop you from branching out and earn from other mediums. What are some of your income streams that emerged from blogging? Mention in the comment below!

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Happy Blogging Folks!