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Meet Ayishat Olanrewaju: A Woman Leader (Africanfreelancers.com & Corporately Lucid)

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This blog interview is special for two reasons. Firstly, it’s going to talk about a woman who is exceptional in her approach and secondly, there is no better way to celebrate International women’s day where I get to cover a story that could inspire more women to be strong and wise.

While some women grow with each challenge they face in life and make a mark for themselves, some women are born leaders. Such women are known to keep their heads held high with an utmost humble attitude. They choose to be independent and have the capacity to influence other people.

It is my great pleasure to introduce a woman who has set an example for many. She is the founder of Africa’s first online freelancing community (africanfreelancers.com), owner of Corporately Lucid (a digital marketing agency) and has served as a brand specialist for companies & enterprises.

Blog Interview: In Conversation With Ayishat Olanrewaju

She is passionate about content creation and believes content plays a major role in the positioning of a brand. She has worked on building a myriad of winning strategies for brands so that they can connect with their target customers or end-users.

She currently resides in Nigeria and besides being a strong woman leader; she is a wonderful wife and a mother to a kid.

Please welcome in this blog interview, Ms. Ayishat Amoo Olanrewaju!

Q. Can You Please Tell About Yourself To My Audience?

Ayishat: My name is Ayishat Olanrewaju. I’m a Digital Media & Brand Specialist. I help brands communicate their values to their ideal audience in the best possible way. I am also the founder of African Freelancers, an online community of freelancers in Africa. Likewise, my business, Corporately Lucid offers digital media services to brands.

Q. You Are Professional Writer. Can Tell Us What Kind Of Writing You Do? Is There Any Publication Out There, Which You Would Like To Share?

Ayishat: Yes, I write a lot of self-development, career, business, lifestyle, and branding. You can check out my portfolio.

Q. You Believe That Effective Content Sells. Do You Think Content Plays An Important Role In Personal Branding?

Ayishat: Without content, it is impossible to effectively position yourself as a brand. It is your content that tells people the value you add.

Q. Do You Sell Any Online Courses On Content Creation?  

Ayishat: Not at the moment, but I offer brand coaching sessions worldwide.

Q. It’s Been How Many Years Since You Have Been Working In Digital Industry?

Ayishat: About 5 years now

Q. Can You Tell A Bit About Full-Service Digital Marketing Firm Corporately Lucid? Is There An Industry In Which You Specialize?

Ayishat: At Corporately Lucid, our goal is to help you create effective digital media solutions that make your brand stand out, attract the right audience, and communicate your values.

Since inception in December 2016, we have worked with small and medium scale business owners to start, run, and grow their businesses online. 

Whether you are running an online business or you are trying to take your offline business online; we help you at every step of the way.

Q. When Did You Think Of Forming A Community For African Freelancers? What Was Your Major Goal Or Vision?

Ayishat: I started in December 2016. The goal was to create a community where freelancers can access resources, level up their freelance skills, and get freelance jobs.

Q. How Many People Work Behind The Scenes (For African Freelancers)?

Ayishat: About 5 people for now 

Q. How Many People Are Currently A Part Of This Community? How This Community Is Making A Difference?

Ayishat: We have thousands of people in our community and we are making a difference by providing freelancers in Africa the resources they need to build a thriving freelance career.

Q. What A Visitor Can Find Once They Visit “Africanfreelancers.Com”? (Resources/ Mentorship)

Ayishat: You can find resources, tips, guides, and job notifications. 

Q. Do You Have A Role Model? 

Ayishat: For me, I think my role models are people who regardless of whatever they face, keep going on to pursue their God-given purpose.

Q. Do You Often Meet Or Network With Freelancers? If Yes, What Advice Do You Give To Them?

Ayishat: Yes. Some of the advice is: Know your numbers, keep developing yourself, and network as often as you can.

Q. Do You Think People Can Make An Independent Living By Just Doing Freelance?

Ayishat: Yes, I believe so, depending on what their goals are. Likewise, they can do freelancing on the side while having a full-time job before their freelance business becomes more stable.

Q. What Industries Are Best For Freelancing As Per Your Experience?

Ayishat: WritingGraphic designWeb development, UI/UX, Data Analytics…to mention a few 

Q. What Are Your Future Goals?

Ayishat: There are a lot of them, but I will mention a few. Part of my future goals is to build African Freelancers Shop, we’re freelancers worldwide can shop unique and relatable merchandise. Likewise, I plan to work more with brands outside of Africa, and also partner with more brands.

Thank you Ayishat for sharing your story. 


An amazing woman like Ayishat is an inspiration to all those women who are looking to become independent and build a strong personality. She has the power to influence people to join the first and biggest online freelancing community in Africa and gather contributors who provide valuable resources and training. In this blog interview, we got to know how Ayishat and her team have been working on gathering the resources so that they could build a strong foundation for freelancers. She helps those who wish to learn and find their way to success.

Thus, this International Women’s Day should be all about learning and execution. As a woman, you should not only dream of making big but also execute and perform. Invest in yourself.

Learn new skills and polish them. Build a network around you by using your offline and digital means. Try building a support system or a foundation by gathering like-minded people. 

A strong woman has the power to make choices. Choices that are good for her. A choice that can transform their lives. 

So, go and make your own choices and grab opportunities that will lead you to success.

Who is your inspiration or role model? Share it the comments below.

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