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I believe that best relationships are built on trust and transparency. I would like to disclose that some of the products and resources listed on this site have an affiliate link. In case you purchase the recommended product, then I shall get an affiliate commission, but no extra money is charged from you in the process. Running a business requires capital and here is my earnest effort to make a decent living by helping people of my community and get a small return in exchange for my experience.

With this site, I’m trying to bring forth the working knowledge of the field wherein I’m only discussing things which are necessary so that you can save your time. I have purchased a few software and resources myself like Grammarly and Yoast etc. to keep my site up-to-date. In order to keep my finances flowing, I’m trying to get extra cash from affiliate marketing and sustain myself to keep doing this job I started in the first place and make a difference.

Also, the products that I have listed under recommendations are tried and tested by me either on my site or on the websites I have constructed for my clients. I believe in only providing the best and nothing else.
I have signed up for Amazon’s affiliate program, and some of the products get affiliate links from the Amazon platform, but as I mentioned earlier, the commission is provided by the product owner so even if you use my affiliate link to purchase a product you will not have to spend anything extra.

Please note that no company has funded me to list their products on my site. I have been the sole decision owner when it came to deciding which products should be uploaded under tools & resources. I have only signed up as an affiliate and not a direct promoter.

In case you are having second thoughts and would like to clear it out, kindly contact me using my contact details listed in contact us page.

Thank You!

Sristhi Agarwal