About Me

Hello there!

Sristhi Agarwal

If you have ended up at my page, then ‘interest in blogging’ is probably the reason you found me.

I’m a blogger and an Internet Marketer by profession.

I chose to enter the digital arena because of three reasons:

-Firstly, I can live a laptop lifestyle and be my own boss (responsibly).

-Secondly, I like learning new online tools every day.

-Thirdly, I made quick money, which wasn’t happening in my 9-5.

Hope you would love to read about my personal experiences and enjoy the free resources I have listed on my site!

How Things Started?

Before entering into the complete digital arena, I was a marketing communications associate at a small medical writing company in Gurgaon, India. I was always appreciated for the content I created.

Gradually, it was my inclination toward copywriting and love for exploring new tools that paved the way and gave new directions to my career.

Unaware of how to channel my energy, I started slow as a freelancer. I bagged my first project for 12000 INR (approx. 170$) when a friend approached me to write the content for his upcoming website. Ever since then, I never looked back.

For 2 years, I did freelancing and took many projects as a copywriter. I associated with digital marketing agencies where they gave me regular work for content creation such as client blogging, video content, email content, press release etc.

How I Got Into Digital Marketing?

I am a biotechnologist by degree but a digital marketer by choice. The switch was rather a difficult one. After interning at some eminent institutes of the country such as NARI (National AIDS Research Institute, Pune), I decided that my passion lies in a different niche.

I was completely unaware of this field until my masters program. It was only after I entered my first corporate job that I realized what it’s like to be a part of digital.

At my office back then, I was asked to handle a small marketing team of my company besides being a Business Development Executive. I worked with Web Developer, Creative Designers & Content creators and orchestrated the entire digital activities for my company. From creating social & content strategies and calendars to working on branding and graphics, I became more & more comfortable in this profile rather than speak biotech terms.

The first few thousands which I made from my first freelance work made me feel confident. Though, I couldn’t join an immediate course or an institute to get complete knowledge as I was still in dilemma, I decided that I would keep working on projects and collect hands-on experience.

One year later, I did a short course in digital marketing, which gave me enough knowledge and made me familiar with technical aspect of digital. Since then there was no looking back.

Upcoming Goals

Once you get the taste of Digital you will never think of stopping ever. After launching this site, I first want to reach out to my target audience and interact with them.

I wish to launch a few courses in coming years in the field of blogging & digital marketing.

I am already working with several clients and assisting them with content strategies. Looking to onboard more accomplished names in coming years.

I wish to create more video content especially explainer videos where I can step-by-step explain most of the processes that are involved in blogging and digital marketing. The platform will be YouTube.

I will try my best to create amazing blog content for my audience.

Hope you will have an amazing time exploring my site and reading my blogs!