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9 Habits of Successful Bloggers That You Must Follow!

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I remember growing up, my mother used to praise me for my good habits and made efforts to point out the bad ones gently to make it go away. She used to explain to me why I shouldn’t follow those habits and what harm it can cause if I continue with them. 

I firmly believe that the habits that we form today make a significant difference in terms of success in the future. 

Have you heard the story of two tadpoles & how their habits impacted their future?

Well, let me share it with you!

There were two tadpoles Ted and Todd who were living with their mother in a normal environment. Their mother educated them on how metamorphosis will change their tails into legs eventually in the future. Both tadpoles took this information differently. 

While Ted continued to swim with enthusiasm using his tail knowing that it will be no longer be there in future to support him and he will have to learn to use his legs, Todd thought, what is the use of learning, if I can’t use it in future?

Metamorphosis occurred and they both got legs. Though both were new at using their legs, Ted had sufficient energy and stamina to learn to use his legs quickly, but Todd struggled. He had a hard time figuring out how to hop and jump because he lacked the habit of movement. 

Thus, habits can make us or break us. I have seen bloggers complaining about why we need to post like 10 times a month or build a blogging calendar. I know you will be telling me that you are big enough to remember at the back of your mind but I can vouch that your execution will be poor.

Pro Bloggers believe that you must develop the habit of sitting down undistracted to complete your blog. The habits of successful bloggers include researching keywords and learning about new trends. If it’s in your habit, no one needs to remind or motivate you to do it. That’s how significant habits are! 

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How These 9 Habits Of Successful Bloggers Can Bring You Success?

Okay, are you ready to discover the habits that can make you a successful blogger? 

Let’s go!

Habit #01 Effective Bloggers Must Have Discipline

It might take you by surprise knowing that Neil Patel can write a descriptive blog with unique content in 2 hours or so. Though it sounds fascinating, it hasn’t happened overnight. Isn’t it? (I really wish to ask him personally if I ever get a chance, how did he achieve that?)

If you wish to be in that sweet spot, you too got to build efficiency. You must get away from all the distractions surrounding you and imbibe some discipline in your life. I believe, discipline tops the list when it comes to discussing the habits of successful bloggers.

Where else have you seen the phenomena of discipline? Probably school. Right?

You had fixed timing for almost everything. Right from morning prayer to classes to lunchtime. The same discipline is needed while blogging too. You can either fix the days of your week that are assigned for only blogging. If not days and you wish to take up blogging every day then how about fixing a timing every day?

Now, please don’t say that you write when you have the mood and willingness. It is because you would never be able to monetize your blogging channel. So, find the days or hours that work perfectly for you and without fail follow it to see results.

Habit #02 Pro Bloggers Take Responsibility

When you start your blogging channel, it is up to your wish. Either someone or something inspired you to take that decision. You end up writing great content and build a loyal reader list. Once you see your blog floating in a safe zone where an average reader visit is fixed/month, you become less inspired and lazy enough to be as regular as you were. 

Well, it is your responsibility to feed information to your readers and cannot be taken for granted. In case you wish to enter something more interesting or do something else, the best way is to open your platform for guest blogging. You can also outsource your content creation process to other bloggers.

One of the habits of successful bloggers is being responsible for their audience. Every single reader might have their reasons for coming back to your channel and therefore you must respect them. 

In case you wish to close down your blog or you decide on selling your blog, workout on the best terms. I just want to point out here that your audience should not feel cheated or lost once you decide to stop doing what you do.

Take responsibility.

Habit #03 Passionate Bloggers Are Highly Organized

bloggers should be organized

Earlier we saw the impact of discipline. But now I want you to know that being a highly organized blogger along with discipline is a great combo. 

For instance, you have set a goal of writing and publishing 15 blogs a month. The discipline here is to keep that activity going sincerely but organization comes when you put dates against each topic inside a blogging calendar. 

Another instance of being highly organized is finding time to do research pre-hand so that you are ready when it’s finally time to write your blog. You listing out the topics for next month at least 10 days prior before it starts is another example of being an organized blogger.

A blogger who is organized and has discipline can rule the roost. You can take my word for it. 

Habit #04 Good Bloggers Always Have A Risk-Taking Appetite

bloggers should take risk

I do not recommend this for everyone. But those who are willing to get insane traffic and love to take challenges can move towards what I call “risky blogging.”

You must be wondering, what possible risks are involved in being a blogger? Well, by risk-taking appetite, I simply mean doing things differently. Let me define some instances here:

  • It could be writing on controversial topics and taking heat from the readers who may/may not understand your point. 
  • It could be writing for troublesome niches. Blogging on political views or political news may get you immense traffic But there might be some threats that might follow.
  • It could be choosing a bold personality for blogs. As mentioned several times in my other blogs, every blog has a tone & personality. If you wish to showcase a bold voice through your blog, then you have limited readership.
  • Choosing to quote or mention references that can get you in trouble. For instance, quoting from Dan Brown books while writing blogs on Christianity can spark a heated conversation. Anything that is not accepted by a wider audience can call for trouble.

Take risks only when you are ready for it. If you are new to blogging and not know how to deal with negativity then it may break your confidence or convince you to give up.

Habit #05 Top Bloggers Create A Balance Between Content Creation & Distribution

I cannot emphasize enough how much value this balance carries right here. You cannot go on creating content until and unless you know that your target audience is reading it. 

Have you seen how top bloggers work? They create unique content pieces and then spend their major time in distributing their blog content

If you wish to become an effective blogger, plan out your monthly unique content pieces and allot special hours just to take care of the distribution.

Habit #06 Responsive Bloggers Write For their Audience

write for your audience

I love floating in my thoughts and wish to write in a flow. Probably you as a blogger would say the same. But until and unless you are not looking for monetization, you can write what you feel like. 

In case you wish to reach out to your target audience, you will have to pay attention to what they want to read. Google Trend and Quora are some good platforms to know what readers want. 

As a responsive blogger, write on topics that are important for your readers. Knowing their challenges and providing solutions with your work experience is a great way to enter their space or thought process. The more the audience relates to your content, the more they will feel free to talk to you. That’s a great zone to be in.

I often display the messages I get on messengers and Instagram DM’s on my Instagram stories. There are three reasons behind it:

Firstly, these stories may inspire others to ask their queries and do away the shyness a reader might feel.

Secondly, I wish to attract the audience who are in a similar niche. It sparks engagement and other contributors may also contribute to the same space.

Lastly, getting messages from readers confirm that they are reading your content and somehow related themselves in one of the situations where they thought you could be of help. (DM your blogging queries today!)

Habit #07 Great Bloggers Believe In Engaging Tone & Authority Building

Ok. You have to understand something as a blogger. Only one reader is reading your blog at a time. So don’t for a second think of using words like “We” or “some of you” that sounds general or looks like an approach to a mass audience. A thought process begins the moment a reader clicks on your blog. Now if you miss out on speaking to them directly then you are done. 

No one wants to read generic. Do you?

Let me quote an instance. Have you ever seen a YouTube channel where a Tarot reader does a reading for your sun sign? 

I’m sure you love tapping into your future too, right? If you see how they speak throughout their reading, you will notice that they are speaking to you directly. 

Though that video will be watched by everyone who belongs to that sun sign but during that video, it would seem that they have recorded that video just for you. This is no secret but a positive way of engaging with your readers or a loyal audience who watches your YouTube channel daily. 

Now coming to authority, write things either from your experience or quote from reference only when you are sure of its results. Don’t write content just because you have a date to publish a blog post in 2 days. One of the habits of successful bloggers includes quality research.

If you don’t have high-quality external links on your site or your references inside a blog are weak, your readers might always be skeptical of taking any of your suggestions directly.

Let’s take an example. People often visit medical practitioners only to look for a second opinion. How did this even happen in such a noble profession where doctors vouch to save our lives? I have various reasons sorted out at my end and it may not match yours. Still, I’m listing out.

Firstly, some medical practitioners are not qualified or specialized enough to consult certain cases but do anyway. Secondly, there is a lack of understanding and negligence on the doctor’s part. Thirdly, the doctors couldn’t convince the patient with their diagnose or the patient’s previous experience was bitter. 

Whatever the case may be, if you feel that the person you reached out to was not authoritative enough, you will never solely rely on his suggestion or execute the strategies laid out by them. 

Also, just to clear the air, being authoritative doesn’t mean dressing and sounding authoritative but showing your expertise based on solid grounds. Don’t preach new bloggers how to write a blog until you have written several of them. Else people would question your skills seeing no background for your teachings. 

As per me, being engaging and authoritative is one of the most difficult parts to achieve in blogging and is key to becoming a successful blogger.

Habit #08 Confident Bloggers Believe In Diversity

One of the habits that I admire about successful bloggers is that they bring out diversity. Whether it’s the topic, style of writing or blog type.

Keeping the tone and personality constant, they bring variation in their work. For instance, attempting new formats to write introductions is something that appeals to me personally. 

I try my best to find new ways to open my blogs. Sometimes it’s a relevant quote or a short story narrated while other times it could be discussing statistics or opening with a question.

In the future, I’m looking to do interview blogs and try for some collaboration. I love the idea of mixing my personalized multimedia with text. For instance, I embed my YouTube videos inside my blog so that it caters to both kinds of audience i.e. readers and watchers. 

I shall soon insert my podcast inside my blogs for the third type of audience i.e. listeners. The idea is not only to showcase diversity but also to improve engagement on the blog channel.

Habit #09 Eminent Bloggers Focus On Building Network

There are several reasons why I advise that every blogger must build a network. The core habits of successful bloggers include building a strong online/offline network. 

Here’s why?

Firstly, being surrounded by other bloggers, you will always be updated on tools & any new information in the blogging industry. 

Secondly, it can be a great way for cross-promoting your content or blog site. 

Lastly, a blogger network can together achieve more than individually. For instance, collaborating for an event or workshop, etc. Building a habit of networking with like-minded folks coming from the same industry is always beneficial. 

Now if you ask me what ways should you adopt for networking then my first advice would be to try and meet these people physically. And then connect with them on social channels and email if possible to be in continuous contact.

Both physical and online forms of networking work. But, I believe, meeting an individual personally makes more impact than connecting online.


 “We become what we repeatedly do.” ― Sean Covey.

Cultivate habits that will help you grow as a blogger. Start small. Think Big. Being effective comes from how we plan out our day or tasks. 

Don’t toil in anonymity and learn to document your achievements. This will motivate you and help you to continue with good blogging habits reaping results. 

The habits of successful bloggers are defined by how much they have improved over time. In the comments below, mention one habit as a blogger that changed your life or one habit that you would like to change to become a successful blogger.

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Keep Blogging Folks!