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7 Hacks To Write Game-Changing Blog Headlines And Be Found By Your Audience

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How many of you will read this article till the end? 

I guess a very few because before you reach the first paragraph or cross a first few lines, either an ad will pop up or your Whatsapp will ring or you will receive a notification from one of your YouTube subscriptions that a new video is out and you will immediately exit. 

If you are still with me then is it ok if I take a moment and appreciate that my hard work to grab your attention has worked? 

I want to discuss a raising concern and wish all you of you to participate so that together we can find a solution to it. It is the “declining attention span of the readers.” As per Statistic Brain Research Institute, the attention span of humans has reached to 8.25 seconds.

Does that bother you because it gives a chill down my spine? I’m a blogger, and I want my readers to read my work and give me feedback & interact. But if they don’t, then who is to be blamed, The Technology? Of course, Yes. 

Our anxiety to check our social media every now and then and replying instantly to every message we receive on Whatsapp or inbox has been more than ever. 

Now, as a blogger, I put my earnest efforts in putting a blog together but if no one is going to read it then how will I ever reach my goal of helping my community and to be honest, I like appreciation. We all do, isn’t it?

So, I started searching for various factors that can help me create a magnet that will make my audience read my blog. 

As per CopyBlogger, “80% readers read the headline and only 20% read the entire blog.”

Thus, I decided, my efforts in choosing the right headline will be as honest as writing the blog. After all the effectiveness of a blog largely relies on its headline 

In the coming sections, we will discuss the following:

-What Do You Mean By Powerful Headline?

-Why Do You Need To Pay Attention To Your Headline?

-Tips To Write Effective Headlines

-Platforms To Refer For Headlines

-Examples of Some Good Headlines

What Do You Mean By Powerful headline?

In order to grab the attention of your target reader, you must find a headline that resonates with them or make them curious or excited enough to open your blog and eventually read it.

An average or a bad headline will fail you and the no. Of hours you have invested in it will be worth nothing. After all, we all have a purpose behind blogging whether it is to reach out to the community, generate leads, run AdSense or collect data etc.

Why Do You Need To Pay Attention To Your Headline?

A compelling headline will bring you traffic or at the best conversion and nobody wants to miss out on that, right?

For instance, in cold calling, a business development executive will reach out to the decision-makers of the company for a reason. They have the power to close a sale or fix/approve an appointment. 

If your headline is a deciding factor of whether a blog will end up in readership or will get unnoticed, you need to work on every bit of it.

07 Tips To Write An Effective Blog Headline And Make It More clickable

#01 Tickle The Curiosity of Your Readers

Any word or phrase that brings suspense or secret will make your readers curious enough to know about it. In fact, they will get hooked immediately and would want to click at that very moment.

For instance, 

“Try These Hacks For Video Editing And See Your Views Shoot Up.”

“Hyderabad has Opened Its Door To World’s Biggest IT Firm.”

“India Will Host These events in 2020 For Sports.”

#02 Play With Numbers

We, marketers, are obsessed with numbers. Isn’t it? Counting every reader for our blog or funnel. The thing is that our mind responds well to numbers. If you wish to write some winning headlines, then it would be best if you opt for a few numbers. Odd numbers find more conversions than even but both works eventually. Also, use the numeric form of it rather than spelling it out.

For instance,

“17 Extraordinary Guinness Book Of World Record Holders That Need Special Mention”

“9 Tips That You Must Follow To Get 100K Readers In A Month.”

#03 Justify Your Reader’s Time

It is not only the Internet but also other things that occupy your target audience and finding a way to penetrate an available timeline is such a big task. 

If you are requesting your readers to invest their time in reading your blog, then you need to justify it. Why should they do it? What will they get out of it? 

So, how about you state a reason in your headline?

For instance,

“5 reasons why you should not buy an office space while starting up?”

“10 Tips that will make your viewers stay on YouTube.”

#04 Get Your Reader’s Attention

The headline is an appetizer that creates momentum for your reader, which eventually increases their appetite for the main course (the rest of your blog)

So how do you plan to get their attention? 

-Connecting your headline to a current trend.

-Making them fear that they will lose or miss out on something if they don’t check out your blog.

-Creating urgency that is valid for a certain time period or will work only in a specific environment.

-Hooking them up emotionally. 

-Showing off your uniqueness by offering something that nobody else has.

-Make them feel they gained something after reading your blog.

#05 Clarity Of Purpose

In order to make your headlines extraordinary, do not forget they have to be clear and state out the obvious. A reader is most likely to exit if they don’t understand or need help to figure out what your headlines want from them. 

Do not confuse your readers by inserting vocabulary or phrases they have never heard of in their life. Your job, as a blogger, is not to show off how well equipped you are with your vocabulary, but how well you can explain a concept to your users in the simplest way.

A blogger or author is considered good only if they can immediately connect with their audience.

Wondering what an unrelatable headline sounds like? 

“Petrify your Friends By visiting India’s Top 10 eerie places.”

What do you think your chances are to get discovered or clicked with this headline? 

Hope you got my point now!

#06 Address Your User Directly

I love this part, and I have done it on this very blog. Yes, addressing your users in the headline can make them feel personally addressed by the blogger. Also, we all know how valuable a personalized experience can be? 

For instance, when I book a business class ticket on an international flight, I love how they treat me differently when compared to the economy. You don’t have to wait in a queue. Your food & beverage menu is different. You get a personal cabin with extra leg space. I enjoy that extra care & privacy. Do you? 

We all love extra care and attention!

That’s what you give your readers when you address them in the headline. Extra Care & Attention!

Examples of Such Headlines

“Shout Out To All WordPress Bloggers: Funneling Hacks Coming Your Way”

“I have failed Trying These Instagram Tactics. Have You?”

#07 All-In-One Headline: Problem, Solution & Promise

If you know your field well and is confident that your things work for you, then write headlines where you address a challenge, mention a solution and make a promise to your audience. 

Try this if you can create unique content & have relevant experience. People love promises. Even the experts face a challenge just that the level changes. If you can offer a solution and resonate with your audience challenge, then they would believe in your promise.

For instance,

“Tricks To Get More Views On YouTube Without Running Ads”

Get More Views – Solution

Challenge- YouTube

Promise- No need to run ads

Hope, these tips will help you build some magnetic headlines, and in coming weeks or months you will see more conversions.

What Platforms To Refer To Get Ideas For Good Blog Headlines?

Remember, the idea is to think like someone and not copy. On that note, I am sharing a few platforms that write some of the best headlines and know their game when it comes to keeping their audience loyal. 

Also, these are recommendations and not random suggestions because I personally look up to them. 

Social Media Examiner




Neil Patel

You must see and understand the magic they create in just 60 to 70 characters. They are accurate, specific, promising, etc. So, find the blog headlines that attract you the most and see what new can you create out of it?

Example Of Some Remarkable Headlines

Headline 1

Headline 2


Headline 3

tips to write Magnetic headlines
Social Media Examiner

Headline 4

Headline 5

How to write effective headline
Buzz Feed

Headline 6

Be A Smart Content Marketer & Follow Effective Blog Headline Writing Tricks

I love my work, i.e. producing content. I just feel that this exercise of writing a compelling headline is an activity for my brain. Also, I realize the importance it carries today with so much content flowing around the Internet. Now, I won’t say that all my headlines have been a total success because I have learnt it over a period of time. So don’t get stuck at the very first task of headline writing else you will never be able to write an effective blog.

As a marketer, you must produce 3-4 good quality blogs a week because your audience is the same as your competitors. You have to be always on your front foot when it comes to producing content regularly else you will end up losing your audience.

My suggestions:

-Put your headlines to test and see which one works?

-Get your headlines to proofread with other bloggers and see which headline gets a green signal?

-Create at least 15-20 headlines for the same topic. This exercise will make you a pro.

-Experiment & try new headline format every time.

Are there any tips that you would like to share with me that works well for you? Please share it in the comments below, and I will feature it on my network.